RST DesertFest March 2016

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As you probably know, the RST Hamfest was held in a new location at the Target out east.  Thanks, Target, it was a great location and there was quite a turnout of sellers.  I think it's a great location even if it quite a ways across town.  Did I get your picture? I took almost 200 but I know that I missed a couple.  I hope that I gave credit where credit is due.  If not, please let me know.


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KD7UIZ - Don and crew has made it happen again.  He said that they had 72 selling spaces and it's a beautiful location for a hamfest.  RST is going to do a bunch of advertising next year to make it even better.  Pretty soon, it will top any hamfest in the state of Arizona.  Some of the folks did double duty, working the hamfest and doing the VE duties.  Good job, guys!

NG2Q - Matt

KC7JFC - Tony

N7VGJ - Kirk

N7KHZ - Bob

The VEs broke a record and tested 23 folks today.  AA3OF - Diane  spearheaded the operation along with others.

W0PZD - Dick

K7HIL - Mike

K6ESS - Ed

AE7YQ - Bill

WA1BZQ - Bruce


Once again, we had aerial shots from K7ADX - Scott using his drone with the HD camera.  Here's three of 'em.




After all, AM is King!