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15 May 2019
Has it been a month already?  Almost.  We had a good group for a meeting in Corona de Tucson and lunch at , where else? NJ1J - Jan and WW5Q - Kelly came down from Phoenix and joined the fun.  I think it was Kelly's wife who said the name or our group should be "ROMEO"s.  Retired Old Men Eating Out!  I suppose so.


24 April 2019

Another meeting at AJ7O's.  Not much activity there and we were missing some regulars.  However, we did end up at where we had a nice lunch.  Afterwards, we headed for KI7RSR - Edward's place in there in Corona de Tucson where he is preparing to sell his house soon.  We looked over all the stuff Edward has for sale.  Afterwards, N6YW - Billy and I headed for W1KSZ - Richard's QTH in Vail so that Billy could climb his tower and hook a lanyard up for a soon to be raised dipole antenna. While we were there, we got a look at Richar'ds shack, a very impressive group of wall paper and his garage that's a another shack in itself.


20 March 2019

It doesn't take long for a month to roll around.  Here we are again at AJ7O - Daves for a meeting and later the lunch at .  Always fun.


21 Ferbruary 2019

The weather wasn't perfect, but our AM group had a perfect meeting today at AJ7O's shack in Corona de Tucson.  Of course after a bit of camaraderie, we adjourned to the restaurant where we had some fine Italian cuisine.  You just can't beat it!  KD7UIZ - Don , not an active AMer, showed up to see what it was all about and he seemed to have a good time.


12 Ferbruary 2019

W1KSZ - Richard  in a moment of weakness (he said) ordered himself a Super Senior AM transmitter shown here in a nicely configured setup.  Only thing is, it destroyed itself about the 2nd time he keyed it up and it had to be returned for repair.  Now, he's cautiously using it somewhat below it's advertised capability, does sound great!  Good job, Richard.


21 January 2019


I'm sad to report the passing of our good friend and AM operator, W7LB - Larry, who had been fighting for his life for the past week or two.  Larry was a good guy, retired Hughes/Raytheon, a member and past officer of SADXA and had retired not long ago and built a fantastic station at his QTH to operate and enjoy.  He was taken too early.  W7LB (SK)  RIP.


16 January 2019

Well, it's a new year and it was the first meeting of the year for the group.  Here's N6YW - Billy, who  brought me a WRL map to be placed on the wall in a place of honor above my Globe King 500.  Thanks, Billy.  We had quite a crowd with 12 showing up at AJ7O's including WQ5Q - Kelly and KA7ISV - Jan who came down from the Phoenix area.  Kelly picked up a beautiful station consisting of a near virgin DX-60 and HG-10  and a fine looking Ranger to take home with him.  While we were there, N6YW - Billy and W8VG - George got on the roof and tweaked a Ringo 6 meter antenna for AJ7O - Dave so's he can get on the Mt.Lemmon 6 meter repeater with a bunch of us AMers.  Then we loaded up a fine example of a BC-610 that Dave had been borrowing from Billy and with the he-man effort of the younger guys, loaded it into the back of Billy's pickup.  Then, we retired to , of course, for a fine lunch.  It just don't get no better than that.  We kept that waitress hopping and the rest of the customers were either disgrunteled or were enjoying the camaraderie we were having.  Sorry if you missed it.  You're welcome next month.

Attending were: N6YW - Billy, KA7ISV - Jan, WQ5Q - Kelly, WD7F - John, W8VG - George, W7YAZ - Frank, W1KSZ - Richard, SWLer - Don, AJ7O - Dave, W7MD - Doc Damon, KI7RSR - Edward and KH6ITY - Larry.  

As it was said by the lady who wrote the social column in the home town newspaper, The Casey Daily Reporter, "A good time was had by all!"

We toasted and said some good words for W7LB - Larry who is in dire straits at the St. Joseph's Hospital with severe respitory, kidney and other maladies.  We're all praying for him.


13 December  2018

Yep, we always have a good time when we gather at AJ7O - Dave's place and then retire to for lunch, the highlight of the gathering.  We missed a couple of the regulars, but KA7ISV - Jan , came down from Mesa and W0OGH - Larry  and his XYL came over from Cochise County,  So, it was a good one!


14 November  2018

Cold and windy at AJ7O - Dave's place but we managed to trouble shoot his 6 meter problem down to a bad coax.  So, next visit we'll bring him a piece of good stuff.  WA1BZQ - Bruce showed up and we had a pretty good time.  Guess where we ate lunch. Of course we did.  Then we visited W7MD - Doc Damon's place where W7YAZ - Frank picked up a receiver, a Yaesu of some sort...don't remember the model.  We had a nice tour of both Studio A and Studio B.  Doc's towers are pretty impressive too.


10 October  2018


It's been a while.  N6YW - Billy and I traveled down to visit AJ7O - Dave's and there he was running some 30 meter CW.  You can see how elated he was to make a QSO, times are tough.  Anyway, W7YAZ - Frank showed up to pick up a couple rigs from Billy and then, as usual, we went to  for lunch.  As you can see, Angelina was in fine form and threatened me with the butcher knife! There we met KI7RSR - Edward and a friend, AG7II - Sean who came to lunch to meet the guys.  We had a good time as usual.  Had to drop by the KI7RSR Electronic Emporium and pick up a couple of goodies.  All in all, it was a nice trip.  

AG7II - Sean is a native of Taiwan but has been in the USA and working for Burr=Brown and T.I. as an engineer for twenty some years.  Nice meeting you, Sean!


18 July  2018


It's been about two and a half months since I attended an AM meeting.  We met at AJ7O - Dave's and, of course, had lunch at .   WA1BZQ - Bruce and AB7IC Tom rode down with me and received a boat-anchor tour from Dave.  In addition to that, KH6ITY - Larry came along with W7YAZ - Frank.  We had a pretty good time.  And by the way, N76YW took several of the photos and some pretty good ones at that! Well, except for that self-portrait...


2 May  2018


Good news!  Our man Don has returned from Texas and is in much better shape than the last time we saw him.  Looks like he whipped most of his medica issues and is ready for battle.  Welcome back, Don!!


So, a few of us me down in Corona de Tucson and visited a while while Billy set up Dave's Viking II and a Drake R-4 receiver to boost Dave's little pipsqueek AM signal he's been running since the BC-610 has been feeling ill.  After, we visited for a some good eating and would you believe it, , W7MD - Doc, mananged to show up, you know, where's there's food, right Damon?


KB7GAI - Wally (Tucson, AZ)

W7MD - Doc Damon (Vail, AZ)

K7JEB - Jim (Phoenix, AZ)

K3TYE - Joe (Tucson, AZ)

K7CAX - Max (Phoenix, AZ)

WD7I - Harvey (SK)

N7IOK - Clyde (SK)

K7EWE - Jim (Marana, AZ)

N7WEK - Floyd (Oracle, AZ)

K7BDY - Martin (SK) (His Gates BC-250GY)

K0ETD - Ron (Oro Valley, AZ)

W1KSZ - Richard (Vail, AZ)

K3YAZ - Frank (Tucson, AZ)

KF7IYP - Mike (Vail - Sonoita, AZ)

N7SEP - Barry (Tucson, AZ)

WD7F - John (Tucson, AZ)

N7WB - John (Oro Valley, AZ)

AJ7O - Dave (Corona de Tucson, AZ)

WB7AM - Bob (Mesa, AZ)

K6QL (SK) - Dave (Poway, CA)

W6TSJ - Tom (Laguna Niguel, CA)

K6BZZ - Dick (Maricopa, AZ)

KC6ASA - Kirk (Tucson, AZ)

W7KDL - Richard (Phoenix, AZ)

W0OGH - Larry (Gilbert, AZ)

K7IOU - Dave (Gaylord, MI )

N7RK - Dave (Phoenix, AZ)

K3IAN - Jim (Los Lunes, NM)

KD6GN - Carter (Tucson, AZ)

KB7OCY - Henry (Black Canyon City, AZ)

W5WVI - Jon (Mesa, AZ)

W7ISJ - Joe (Tucson, AZ)

W0LTL (SK) - Mike (Tucson, AZ)

K6CJA - Ken (Hesperia, CA)

KE7TRP - Clark (Chandler, AZ)

WA1HLR - Timtron (Scowhegan, ME)
"Hey man!  You're piss weak!"

KK3AM - Randy (Inverness, FL)

N8JDO - Ron (Holland, MI)

W8VG - George (Oro Valley, AZ)

W7YCN - Pat (Shelton, WA)

KH6ITY - Larry (Tucson, AZ)

WD4PLI - David (Burbank, CA)

W7NGA - Dan (Friday Harbour, WA)

W0TDH - Tom (Cullowhee, NC)

W7CPA - Randy (Phoenix)

W8OF - Jim (Marana)

N6YW - Billy (Tucson)

KA1TDQ - Jon (Phoenix)

KD7EQ - Gary (Scottsdale)

NA7RH - Bob (Scottsdale)

W0VMC - Robert (New Richmond, WI)

K1GUP - Jerry (Carmel ME)

N5YRJ - Steve (Mission Viejo, CA)

N5RK- John (ElPaso, TX)

KW7CD - Cornell (Tucson, AZ)

KD6OS - Ralph (Parum, OK)

WB6YEC - George (Lemon Grove, CA)

K7CMS - Bill (Tucson, AZ)

KD4UMU - Dan (Shepherdsville, KY)

WB6QKO - Larry (Santa Monica, CA)

W0PKZ - Hank (Moab, UT)

WA1KNX - Dean (Tucson, AZ)

WA6JKN - Kevin (Gilroy, CA)

W0FD - Mike (Mack, CO)

WJ6W - David (Tarzana, CA)

W7QHO - Dennis (Glendale, CA)

W0GZV - Loney (McKinney, TX)

W6POO - Jim (Palm Springs, CA)

KF7TLL - Bruce (Black Canyon City, AZ)

N0GXM - Scott (Sedalia, CO)

W6OM - Ron (Costa Mesa, CA)

K6KMN - Doug (Lancaster, CA)

W7LB - Larry (Tucson, AZ)

KJ7USA - John (Camarillo, CA)

WQ5Q - Kelly (San Tan Valley, AZ)

KA7ISV - Jan (Mesa, AZ)

K6PYP - Scott (Tucson, AZ)

K3QEP - Bob (On Left (Escondido, CA)

W1LYD - Brian (Lake Havasu City, AZ)

AA0RQ - Bill (Pine, CO)

AB7IC - Tom (Tucson, AZ)

Reserved for an AMer!