RST DesertFest March 2015

(The Unofficial Photo Gallery By:)

Another beautiful day for a HamFest and RST had a very successful one!  I saw many familiar faces, however, a couple were missing.  Hope I took your picture, there are a bunch of 'em!  Tucson has a pretty active group of ers, and I tried to get them all.  There are two California transplants who have moved to Tucson recently included in that group plus a few from Phoenix.  



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K7ADX - Scott was there with his flying spy machine.  There were a bunch of folks there!  These pictures are 'BIG', so you might spot yourself if you zoom in.


Here the team that made it happen. I may have missed taking a picture of one or two, but I have spares in most cases.  I don't have a picture of N7GSG - Gary. There was a very good turnout and the RST club made a bit of money to supplement their trearury.

KD7UIZ - Don

N7KHZ  - Bob

AB4WT - Brad

KC7JFC - Tony

W0PZD - Dick

AA7HX - Ted

NG2Q - Matt

K7ADX - Scott

N7VGH - Kirk

AE7YQ - Bill

WA1BZQ - Bruce

After all, AM is King!

AJ7O - Dave

W0OGH - Larry

N6YW - Billy

W7KDL - Richard

W7MD - Doc Damon

K7IYP - Mike

K7IOU - Dave

N7SEP - Barry

K3TYE - Joe

KC6ASA - Kirk

K0ETD - Ron

WD7F - John

K7EWE - Jim

W7ISJ - Joe

N7RK - Dave

W8VG - George

KD6GN - Carter