RST DesertFest March 2014

(The Unofficial Photo Gallery By:)

What a beautiful day for a hamfest!  I don't know about the rest of you, I enjoyed the event today.  Lots of folks were there that I hadn't seen for a while and I took quite a few pictures.  I even picked up a Hammarlund HQ-180 receiver from K7OBB - Dana and I'm looking forward to getting it hooked up and checked out.  Plus, you will see documented below that a couple renowned hams from Tucson mananged to upgrade at the RST sponsored VE testing today.  Congratulations to the folks that upgraded.


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The two pictures below were taken by the strange flying object overhead piloted by K7ADX - Scott.  They are very large so that you might be able to find yourself.  Thanks Scott.


KF7IYP/AE - Mike

N7JND/AE - Chris