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15 March 2017

Here's that T-150 of K3YAZ's that now has a new home.  W1KSZ - Richard picked it up today at our Corona de Tucson meeting.  We had a nice group today with WA1KNX - Deano coming to Dave's at the last minute and then W7MD - Doc Damon showed at Argenziano's for lunch.  We had a good time.  How about the lamp that Frank made for Dave...nice!

W1KSZ - Richard, WA1KNX - Dean, K3YAZ - Frank, AJ7O - Dave, N6YW - Billy, W8VG - George
W1KSZ - Richard, WD7F - John,  K3YAZ - Frank, AJ7O - Dave, N6YW - Billy, W8VG - George



6 March 2017

A while back, K3YAZ - Frank had horse traded with me and ended up with a nice HQ-145 I had picked up at the RST Swap Meet a couple years ago.  He tweaked it and installed one of those after market frequency displays that has the Hammarlund logo and fits where the clock fits since it didn't have a clock.  He said he was thinking about selling it, so I bought it back and it works great.  Then, Frank came over the other day and aligned my HQ-180 and I decided to change my shelves so I could get it off the rolling box and off the floor.  There it is, paired with my Valiant and it's working good too. Thanks Frank!  I think my corner of the room (the blivit) is maxed out.)


15 February 2017

KN7MUT - Buster

Meet KN7MUT - Buster, Protector of the N6YW Residence.  There is a great pup!  Anyway, N6YW - Billy has, over the last several weeks, been remodeling his shack and decided to have an open house today.  In addition in seeing his new shack, we were treated to pizza and drinks. He showed us his collection of the Collins Operators QSL cards and we were given a royal tour of the place, including his overly filled garage where he displayed some of his junk.  There were a couple of his special line of guitar amplifiers called "Red Jones". They were very nice, indeed.  If you're interested, make sure you are well heeled enough to stand the freight, as I said, very nice. And don't forget the "Pajamas".  Look for the special Antenna Paint, a product that is pretty hard to find on the market these days.  I don't think even MFJ handles it.  Very rare indeed.


12 January 2017


We did it again?  We had another meeting down in Corona de Tucson at AJ7O's QTH and ended up with a fine lunch at the Italian joint there.  Don and W7MD - Doc showed up a bit late, but we had a good time, never-the-less. Don has retrieved a couple of pices of antique funiture that belonged to his father & grandfather.  I just had to take a picture.


10 January 2017

I was reminded by N6YW - Billy, that K6QL - Dave in Poway, California is a silent key some time back.  We're going to miss Dave and the QSOs on his AM gear.  RIP Dave.  Sorry to see you go!  Sign the Guest Book!


7 January 2017

I had a nice QSO on 40 with N0GXM - Scott up in Sedalia, Colorado this morning and looking at his QRZ site, I found a couple nice pictues of his mobile setup and this 1/2 picture of him and his equipment.  I asked him to send me a suitable picture for the gallery, but in the meantime, I though I'd have a bit of fun with this one. See the gallery!