Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club
Hamfest November 11, 2017

(The Unofficial Photo Gallery)

Absolutely a perfect day for a swap meet.  There were lots of sellers and it would have been nice if more buyers had showed up, but all in all, it was a fine event.  Our AM group was in top form thanks to N6YW - Billy's showing up early and setting up a great spot for folks to congregate.  Well, after all, AM is King!
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<But for a couple exceptions, these pictures are in no particular order>


What a great way to celebrate Veteran's Day and I'm sure there were many vets there today.

Here's a few of the AM group who loves radios that glow in the dark and heat the shack in winter. If you're so inclined, just click the  and find out what it's all about.

Just in case you were wondering "Who is this guy?", I think he leaves no doubt.  Here's a true, dyed in the wool, swap-meet  guru!  Having fun, Gary?

is KING!  If you're interested in having actual laid back QSOs without all that "You're 5-9, 73", wham-bam-thank-you-man stuff, you should consider AM as a mode of operation.  You don't have to have a real boat-anchor to do AM, but it certainly helps to give you something to talk about.  However, most of the newer rice burners have pretty good AM audio and coupled with an amplifier to get that carrier up to a hundred or so watts makes a pretty good showing.  Try it sometimes.