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12 April 2016 

Took a trip down to visit AJ7O - Dave   in Corona de Tucson Sunday afternoon and after checking out his new NC-300 (no photo yet), I stopped over and saw W1KSZ - Richard whom we haven't heard much from since he sold his Valiant.  Anyway, he had purchased a new CW key and he twisted my arm and insisted that I buy his Vibroplex Vibrocube.  This guy weighs six (6) pounds and you don't push it around.  I actually made a couple of CW contacts on 20 mtrs with it.  Gee, maybe I'll get up about 1:30 AM in the mornings and work 40 CW with Dave.  Nah...I'm kidding.  You should see the beautiful chrome plated paddles that Dick made for his new key.  Man!  They're pretty!


28 March 2016

Look who went to the RST Hamfest this past Saturday.  I used his picture for the iPhone/Android friendly link to the hamfest.  Click on his picture and it'll take you there.  We had a great time there and you'll see lots of pictures and especially the AM group at the bottom.  Afterwards, we had lunch at the Itailian restaurant in Corona de Tucson and then went over to AJ7O's QTH to take a look at his latest behemoth acquisition described previously. Some of these guys are not so active, but, they're AMers, OK.  The last two pictures were taken by W7KDL - Dick.


20 March 2016

Earlier this week, AJ70 - Dave
came over and visited and then we went over to N6YW - Billy's QTH and loaded up a very nice BC-610 (not this one), and took it all the way to Dave's QTH in Corona De Tucson where it is now residing and sounding like the huge hunk of iron that it is.  Before we left, Billy dug into a box and said "Here, add this to your mike collection!"  Well!  It turns out to be a beautiful Turner S22X Crystal Mike.  I brought it home and this morning I installed a cable and got it on the air.  According to the critics, it sounds very nice with the DX-60.  Thank YOU, Billy!


14 March 2016

Been having lots of fun on 15 AM and I've had several QSOs with KD4UMU - Dan in Shepherdsville, KY. He has some nice equipment and a great signal into Tucson.  Anyway, here are a few pictures I stole from his QRZ.  Get on 21.430 or so and work him.  How aobut the effect of a little ice on a log-periodic?


29 February 2016

There's N6YW - Billy up on K7CMS - Bill's tower hanging a new 40 meter dipole and coax.  Bill has been off the air for a few years and it's time he got back on.  Anyway, it went well, as you can see via the analyzer, however, the band conditions weren't very good for a first test.  We hope Tucson Bill will be back on the air often.  We checked it out with his Ranger II and a 75A3.


21 February 2016

I attended the Yuma Hamfest on Saturday and took a few pictures. (Click Above)  I actually had an eyeball with WB6YEC - George of Lemon Grove, CA.  That was pretty neat and now he's in the gallery, as he should be. 


19 February 2016

K3YAZ - Frank came over Wednesday and brought along his Double Barreled DX-60 and VFO for me to play with and he took one of my  home with him to try out some HE-MAN MODULATION. I'm lowering my standards and actually using some GIRLY MODULATION now.  I managed to reposition the equipment in my blivit and shoehorned  the DX-60 and VFO in as you can see.  It works great.


13 February 2016

Here's the shack of a 15 meter AMer, KD6OS - Ralph from Porum, Oklahoma.  I think this pic was taken a few years ago,  Here's what he looks like now as stolen from his FaceBook page.  Anyway, he's has a pair of Desk Killowatts there among a bunch of other goodies.  I said I'd come and get one of those Johnsons, but he says I was welcome to come and visit, but he didn't think he was ready to part with one of those bad boys.  Oh well.


5 February 2016

Well, looks like WD4PLI - David has posted a new picture on his QRZ and here it is.  See that nice KW-1 in the background?  I like it!  Hey!  That's a KWS-1 on the right.  Man!  He's got it all!


21 January 2016

The Tucson AM gang was well represented at a meeting at the luxurious W8VG studios.  George and his XYL - Karen were great hosts and we had a good time wondering around in George's "shack?" and eyeballed a new home brew transmitter and his new Alinco DX-R8 that K3YAZ - Frank snagged from EBay. Then there was the Lysco transmitter that Ron brought that came from W0TDH - Tom in North Carolina.  I'm not sure what Ron is gonna' do to it for Tom.  Dave - AJ7O and Karen had quite a discussion on cat maintenance.  I really didn't pay much attention to that.  I like dogs!  We had K0ETD - Ron, KC6ASA - Kirk, AJ7O - Dave, N6YW - Billy and yours truly.  After rummaging around in the garage there, we moved in to the house for a group picture.  Then it was on to have a sandwich at Dickie's BBQ at Oracle and Ina. And then, here comes K7EWE - Jim!  A good time was had by all!


8 January 2016

You've probably heard of W0VMC, the "Voice Modulated Carrier", the voice of AM and here he is.  I have a QSO with Robert quite often, mostly on 15 meter AM.  He known world wide for his activity on the AM band and has a real talent for restoring heavy metal.  As a matter of fact, he was responsible for the big T-368 that K7IOU picked up last year and you can see it below.  He was featured on Ham Nation #140  and you can see it here: I just can't say enough about this guy!

That is a 20V2 that he restored and converted for another ham and, as you can see, it's a beautiful piece.  WOW!  I believe I'd find room for this one in the living room if I had to.  Robert has one that he modified with a pair of
4-1000s modulated by a pair of 4-1000s.  See it below! I don't mind saying that this guy is a class act!