Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club
Hamfest November 12, 2016
(The Unofficial Photo Gallery)

Another enjoyable hamfest/swap meet has passed and it gets a bit bigger every years. The WX was absolutely perfect for it.  I'm hoping for a very healthy competition between the OVARC hamfest and the RST hamfest and that they grow to become the biggest in the state.  Both may be already if not close.  If you added the very large commercial displays that were in Yuma, either would have surpassed.
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K7OS - Phil Richardson

Wondering around looking at suff, as we all do, I came across this gentleman who was standing by his tailgate looking for someone to snag his IC-746.  After chatting about some Tucson history for a while, he told me who he was.  That's K7OS - a local radio celeb, Phil Richardson, of KCUB and KTKT fame from a few years back! Of course I had heard him before but didn't recognize him from his voice because, as he said "I don't use my radio voice all the time."  You never know who you're gonna' run into.  Do you?

It's true. As N6YW - Billy says, "AM is KING!"   Here's a few pictures of the guys that are primarily AM operators.  We always have a good time at these events & all of us went to the for lunch after.

 Ladies & Gentlemen: Find of the Fest
by N6YW - Billy