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14 November 2016

Yes!  The Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club Hamfest was a success and what made it better was the fact that we had a good AM operator turnout.  As you can see, N6YW - Billy had things under control.  If you want to see all of the pictures from the event, here's the link:

It's true. As N6YW - Billy says, "AM is KING!"   Here's a few pictures of the guys that are primarily AM operators.  We always have a good time at these events & all of us went to the for lunch after.  Heck, Billie even serenaded us with his git-tar!  If you missed it, you missed a good one, you shoulda' been there!

 Ladies & Gentlemen: Find of the Fest
by N6YW - Billy


16 June 2016

AJ7O - Dave

It has almost been a month since our last meeting over at W8VG's place, where does the time go?  We got a look at a new IC-7300 SDR rig that Dave received not so long ago and a couple of other pieces of antique hardware.  We had a good time and topped it off with a visit to the Italian restaurant in Corona de Tucson and all is well.  Oh, check out the VFO that Dave got from K0ETD - Ron for his BC-610.  Very nice job!


23 May 2016

WA1KNX - Dean

Another nice get-to-gether over at W8VG's place this morning followed by a BBQ sandwich at Dickey's at McGee & Oracle.  It's always good to check out's George's stuff, including the 813 Home Brew sitting there glowing nicely.  It was good having an eyeball with WA1KNX - Dean, you know, you can work somebody a hundred times and maybe never meet them.  

I texted N6YW - Billy and asked him where he was and he said he wasn't feeling too good!  OK, we'll see you next time, Billy!  Finally, I talked to K6PYP - Scott who lives near to K3TYE.  Maybe we'll hear him on AM now that he's acquired KH6ITY's Heathkit setup.


31 December 2015

Look like K7IOU - Dave waded throught the snow and hooked up a temporary antenna and says he can hear W0VMC (Robert - Voice Modulated Carrier) on 40 meters.  Michigan is a pretty far stretch for us.  A bit of progress but a long way to go, Dave!


8 November 2015

Did you miss it?  If you did, you missed a pretty good one.  We had a pretty good turn out of the AMers, but some of you didn't make it.  We stopped over at the Texas Road House and had lunch afterwards.  Here's some pictures.


30 October 2015

Another senior moment.  Chatted with KA1TDQ - Jon this morning for a while and went to his QRZ and there he was in all his splendor with his home brew 3-500Z (2) transmitter.  I probably downloaded this picture a year ago and it languished in my photos file as I had forgotten to post it here.  Anyway, better late than never.  Below you can see his suitable for Holloween dual 3-500Z amp he uses for 40AM.  Nice lookin' gear, Jon.