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146.940 (110.9) WD7F
Echolink: 1125
IRLP:  3892
444.925 (DPL 023) KB7ZZY

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1 October 2019

By popular demand, we now have an official .  You can click here or the link at the top of the page.


17 September 2019

We stopped by KE5SQC- Randy & Mom's in Fishook and had a great visit. They did a nice Bed & Breakfast before we headed on to Marble Falls to see the grandsons.  Randy has done a lot of work on his towers & antennas. Thanks Randy & Mom!


20 August 2019

I guess it's official now.  We have a BART DMR group, and KE5SQC - Randy has dubbed it the BART's FARTS, Three Ten Four Ten, One Step Beyond the Twilight Zone.  We'll see how that works out.  Future web page in working.


18 July 2019
AA7HX (SK) - Ted Willis KC7JFC (SK) - Antonio (Tony) V. Montijo

This has not been the best week for our ham radio community.  We lost Ted and Tony within a few days of each other.  RIP Ted & Tony


11 December  2018

So, this afternoon, I hear a strange call on the 94, turns out it was WB7ORB - Tim.  I may, in my checkered past, worked Tim on the 94 many years ago, but, don't remember.  Tim was a member of the original K7CC - Bart sponsored B.A.R.T. group from way back.  Tim said Bart was a good elmer and helped him quite a bit. Anyway, he has reappeared and I hope to hear from him often.  Be listening for Tim.


23 September 2018

It's been over a year since I posted anything new to the BART.  Seems like folks have lost interest in the site.  KE5SQC - Randy has sent me material for the BART a couple of times and today, he sent a correction to text from back in 2015 or so.  I've decided to start it up again and post the latest that we've been playing with, DMR (Digital Mobile Radio).  Above is the Connect Systems CS-800D dual band digital remotely mounted control head that I've been using mobile.  So, here's a few pictures.

This Radioddity GD-77 dual band, DMR radio has been very popular with them selling in the $60 - $90 range.  This was my first and I've had a lot of fun over the last year playing with it.  We have two DMR repeaters in Tucson which are linked to 15 others in the Arizona/New Mexico area.  You can find them on .


So far locally, AB7IC - Tom, KB7YLU - Ted, N1DHS - Gary, N7KHZ - Bob, KB7ZZY - Jack, WA1BZQ - Bruce, KG7HHG - Bill, AG7LM - Bronze and N6YW - Billy have been active in the area.  KE5SQC - Randy in Fishook and K7GEL - Ken in Sun Lakes are active too.

It turns out that the repeaters, although digital and have two time slots for simultaneous conversations, are limited in the number of Talk Groups they are capable of having.  MARC (Motorola Amateur Radio Club) set the standard of Digital (DMR) for amateur use, but in parallel with that came Brandmeister, a European group that was much more open and became the Wild West frontier of DMR, creating a system of a couple thousand Talk Groups.  So, that led to the development of so-called Hot Spots such as the SharkRF Openspot shown left.  Using it with the internet, it gives the capability for you to have your own personal access to all of the availible Talk Groups on Brandmeister.  It is a low power, 20 mW, simplex transceiver you can use local or mobile as long as you can provide it with internet.  Folks use cell phones and various tablet devices as internet hot-spots for mobile use.


I probably had the openspot two days when I thought "Wouldn't it be great to pipe the unit to an outside antenna?"  So, I had been experimenting with using the dual band repeater antenna for 440 link radio use by plumbing an old Diawa diplexer and sharing the antenna.  So, I hooked the SharkRF to the 440 side and was broadcasting in about a 5 mile radius and using it mobile around the East side.  Then, I got my hands on an 8 Watt Digital amplifier and boosted it to several miles around Tucson.  

The next idea I had was to interface the SharkRF Openspot to the repeater.  So, I temporarily used one of the ports on the repeater controller and plugged in a GD-77 that I had modified to use as a link.  I had to find a "Busy/Squelch Active" signal in the GD-77, so I opened it up and with N6YW's visual acuity, I had a signal tapped from the Green LED driver in the radio, swinging from 0 Volts squelched to 6 Volts squelch open.  Then I hooked an 7808 regulator to the battery connections so I could use 13.8 V for the radio.  it worked but is scheduled for future implementation.

As WB9TPD (SK) - Lee used to say, "Were having fun and that's what it's all about!


17 September 2017

W0LTL(SK) - Mike Zonnefeld
24 October 1944 - 28 August 2017

Mike had been having some medical problems over the past few years with the onset of Parkinson's, however, he had been carrying around an inoperatable pulmonary aneuryism for years.  Lillian said he had trouble getting from the car to the house and she had to help him.  He went for a nap and when she went to wake him, found him.  He had sat up, put on his glasses and took one step toward the bathroom and that was it.  Sorry to see Mike go, but if you're gonna' go, that's the way to do it.  W0LTL (SK).  RIP, Mike.


20 May 2017

Just how long has it been?  KE5SQC - Randy has been working on his antenna farm and sent some pictures of that activity so, I figured I'd better get them posted.  Who is that?  Joe Camel?


24 December 2016

It's been a while since I've posted anything. l want to take the opportunity to welcome a new member of the BART, KI7JCY - Tim.  Tim is about to be employed at the U of A and they probably are lucky to have him since he's a Molecular Biomedical Engineer and an MD on top of that.  We hope to hear from you often, Tim. 


26 October 2016

I recently took a trip to the farm back in Illinois and I stopped by Fishook to see KE5SQC - Randy and Mom.  He ran up the Jolly Roger just so I could see it.  He lives close to the I-40 and when I pulled off, he could see me and directed me to his castle back in the pasture.  Anyway, I had a good time visiting with Randy, Mom, his brother Larry and his wife Katie.  They fed me burgers and breakfast the next morning.  It was a very nice visit.  I recommend the Fishook Inn to all our ham friends.  Right, Randy?



9 August 2016 

I've just learned that KB7KKU - Basil had passed away on 28 June 2016 from a heart attack.  KB7LCT - Betty did not let any of us know, however, I did call her and she seems to be OK, considering. KB7KKU (King Kong's Uncle) - Basil Brashear dead at 86.  RIP - Basil.


14 March 2016 

Hasn't been much news posted on the BART for a while.  Craig came over the other evening and we moved the 440 link antenna from inside the storage room to the roof and mounted it on a tripod.  You can see the antenna is pointed to the saddle in the foothills which blocks direct access to a direct path.  Also ran a new run of 1/4" heliax and installed a different link radio.  The other one was about 1.5K off frequency and would get pretty warm.  When we started to string the original coax, it looked like a packrat had chewed on it a bit, hense, the new coax run.  It has decreased the popcorn a bit.


13 January 2016 

Looks like Dave has got a start on his shack, but I don't know why he waited until the snow was flying to get started.  I guess he doesn't have the correct priorities.


9 September 2015 (EDITED 24 OCTOBER 2015)

Well, here's a couple of pictures of KE5SQC - Randy of Fishook, Arkansas doing what appears to be work.  However, looking a the pictures below, it would appear that he's digging either a square hole to put a round peg into, or maybe he's playing Whack-A-Mole with Mom.  What do you think? Got any idea what's in that last picture of the hole?


Nice Job, Randy.  Who's gonna' climb it?


29 August 2015


It looks like K8IOU - Cecilia is waving good bye already, but not quite yet.  We had a tower lowering party yesterday (Friday) with several folks helping N1DHS - Gary and K7IOU - Dave with the project.  Dave had a young friend Mike , a fireman, who volunteered to help with the climbing and disassembly.  You can see him holding the gin-pole with one hand (for about 5 minutes) and that just shows you what youth and strength can do! Isn't it appropriate that Cecilia is moving to 8-land?

As a side note, the VoIP (Echolink & Irlp) are down on the BART because we had a near lightning strike and took out part of the repeater controller and a few other items last Saturday.  Working on that.

Helping were KW7RS - Rolly, KB7YLU - Ted, K2MKH - Theresa, KG7HUG - Chris, WD7F - myself, my son John Jr., N1DHS - Gary and Fireman Mike.  Oh, I nearly forgot, K9IOU - Gracie.  Thank you, Theresa, for taking several of the pictures.

Thanks to all who helped and to Cecilia who cooked up the burgers and hot dogs as a reward for a job well done!

Yes, it's down!


26 July 2015

The sad news is that K7IOU - Dave and K9IOU - Cecilia are in the process of moving to Michigan so the 224.74 Repeater along with al of it's VoIP links have been taken down.  The BART link to the 448.35 has been moved to the WD7F QTH and is in the process of being tweaked to improve the performance and eliminate the popcorn that prevails due to the foothills interfering with the link path.  Dave plans to hook up the 224.74 in MI and connect to us here in Tucson in the next few months.


12 November 2014

Important Message Below!

The Fishook saga continues:  Letter to K7IOU


I've been pretty busy here getting ready for Winter and stuff so I haven't been keeping you in the Loop so to speak.

Anyway we had some exciting news a while that we here in FISHOOK were chosen to recieve funding for a National Monument of our choice. Naturaly wanting to be different and still pay respects to some special group, I decided to go for the project and see what was out there. I found that there is not a National Monument dedicated to all the HARD work the fellas do on the Fishing Boats. After a LONG search into the workings of the said Fishermen and helpers I saw that the guys that do all the BAITING are really the ones that deserved attention....So I decided to ERECT a Monument to all the MASTER BAITERS out there that are looked over for ther contribution to the Nation....With that said enjoy the Pix I send you of the Dedication Cerimony at the "NATIONAL MASTER BAITERS MEMORIAL MONUMENT"  in FISHOOK Arkansas...

There wern't a lot of folks that turned out but we PULLED  it OFF!!!!






23 March 2014

KB7YLU - Ted and his son KG7HUG - Chris (in the background) were at K7IOU's garage where yours truly and Dave did some work on an IRLP node computer scheduled to be installed at Northern Arizona University attached to the K7NAU repeater. Chris is a junior studying engineering at NAU.  We managed to get it hammered into shape enough that it can be returned back North to finish the installation.  Maybe we'll have some traffic from up there some day.


16 March 2014

Well, well, well!  Looks like Ken has won the coveted Chicken Feather Award.  I don't think many of those get awarded these days.  Congratulations, Ken!



1 Feburary 2014

It's official!  We have moved the breakfast to Denny's just East of Broadway and Wilmot.  The quality had declined and prices had increased so the majority of the folks wanted to try Denny's and this being the 2nd Saturday, we're going to stick with it.  See you there!


17 January 2014

Our TEP RFI troubleshooter KD7AYQ - Gary retired a few months ago and TEP has not been too interested in replacing him.  They are aware of their responsibility for EMI and RFI, however, their replacement guy doesn't seem to have the required skills.  Please call their RFI Representative, Scott Dickerson at 520-275-9563 or the TEP Shop at 520-745-7119 if you have any noise.  The more they get pestered, the more they'll realize they need to take care of these problems.  Plus, if they don't the AZ Corporation Commission and other entities will get on their case.  So...CALL "EM!



15 January 2014

Our man, Rick - N3RO, did a total remodel of his shack for the new year.  Looks pretty neat and functional, of course.  You can hear Rick nearly every day on the BART when he connects on his way home for lunch at 10:00 AM Tucson time.  You can find Rick on QRZ and he also has a website: http://www.n3roradio.com  Check it out!


Tuesday, 28 December 2013

The ailing 900MHz BART repeater was feeling ill and required some new duplexers and a total redesign of the band pass filters and other things and now it appears to be working better.  The cans are behind the nice black panel with the silver screws.  Can't see much, but they're there!


Tuesday, 10 December 2013
WA1BZQ - Bruce
Congratulations to Bruce - WA1BZQ who passed his extra at the VE session the other evening!  He had been an Advanced since about 1966 when he was 16 years old.  And he'd been studying for only 47 years!


Sunday, 26 May 2013

With a great deal of frustration and repetitive actions the 927.8875 repeater is one the air and integrated into the BART system.  The problem was just too many different colors of wires.  Anyway, it seems to be working pretty good.  It is located at K7IOU's place and seems to have good coverage.  Break out your 900 machines!


Friday, 24 May 2013
KC7JFC - Tony
Some time back the 94 hicupped when I turned the power off to see if it was guilty of creating noise on 75 meters.  When I plugged it back in, it wouldn't work.  In the process of troubleshooting it, I needed to find a Squelch Gate Card to see if it was the repeater or the controller.  Tony and KD7UIZ - Don were there and I mentioned that I had a spare but couldn't find it.  From that, Tony went on a hunt and yesterday at the Village Inn, he surprised me with important spare MSR-2000 cards he had scrounged up.  There was an R-1 Audio card, a Station Control card and TWO Squelch Gate cards.

Thank you Tony and whomever provided you with the circuit boards.  Maybe it'll be stable now that we have spares.


Saturday, 18 May 2013

The crew got together and completed the 2nd stage of the tower project and for the most part finished the job.  The 220 antenna was moved to the top as opposed to being located at the same level as the 900 antenna.  The top guys were moved down, the semi rigid heliax was insatalled and the 900 machine was turned on and is operational.  W1KSZ - Richard was the first contact followed by KD7UIZ - Don, seems to work OK.  Next will be to interface the machine to the BART.  Afterwards, K7IOU provided hamburgers.  KB1EDU - Chad took off before the burgers.  You missed it, Chad! I think Fred ate yours.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

So the other day, Dave - K7IOU says "What is that boatanchor stuff doing on the BART page"  So, I thought about it awhile and decided to create an AM page.  Announcements for hamfests and other related items will still be posted as required.  Ok, Dave?


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Since we're going to have an addition to the BART repeater system, a 900 MHz machine, Dave thought it best to install a beefier tower to hold the additional monster 900 antenna, so we had a tower party yesterday. You can see it in what looks like a junk pile.  It's at least 12' long. Why so big when a quarter wavelength is about 3 inches?

Dave and I dropped the old tower the other day and he had already made a new mounting plate, part of it compliments of KE5SQC - Randy, and had two sections of the Rhon 25 standing already.  It was a bit warm, but a steady breeze kept things fairly cool and at least the tower is up, guyed and the 220 antenna is on.  School is still out as to whether it will be moved to the top of the tower or not.  N1DHS - Gary and WA0RTO - Fred did the climbing duty and it went pretty well with no incidents, if you get my meaning.  KW7RS - Rolly, KB1EDU - Chad and WA1BZQ - Bruce helped too.

More to come!


5 January 2013

Our man K7IOU - Dave decided to present a BART participation award to our Arkansas Echolinker KE5SQC - Randy .  Of course, you all know that Randy lives in Fishook, Arkansas, Population 2.  So, here is the award:

The picture doesn't do it justice because it's really a LARGE "fishook".  Here's a picture of Randy and Mom holding the award to give a better perspective.  <Click Pictures to Enlarge>
When Dave asked Randy about Fishook, here's what he said:

Well there David, thats a very interesting question you have asked. Let me see if I can answer as best as I am able.... In the form as a Proper Noun, it would be spelled as I have in the past. As a place I live at the present moment in time and space on the Planet Earth in the Milkey Way Solar System South of the line just East of Sole Creek, Missouri and West of Rockee Pointe, Alabama it would be spelled as I do. Although you are compelled to think that you know I understand what you are asking, I'm not sure that you understand what I'm answering is not exactly what you most likely want to hear! Therefore it is most likely a diferentiation between what you see and what I spell may just make it more likely misunderstandable.The proper spelling for a Fish Hook is as spelled, Fish Hook. Now, if you were to take a trip, say to that place, just East of Sole Creek, Missouri and West of Rockee Point, Alabama, you would find yourself in Fishook, Arkansas.

  I hope this helps you to understand that I know what you have asked and hope that what I have answered, is, the proper answer in as far as I understand what you have asked. Although there are other answers to your very interesting question, I am sure, this only represents one of many other ways there may be to answer. Therefore I assume you understand that this answer will, most likely, only propagate other thoughts on how to answer your question.



            Fishook, Arkansas

One of our newest Jerry Bob's Breakfast attendees AE7YQ - Bill gave me a motherboard so I can build a spare computer for the IRLP/ECHOLINK/WIRES system.  Recently, KB1EDU - Chad donated a computer to the cause.  He had one that'd been rolling around in the back of his pickup truck for a while and he mentioned that he was gonna' take it to the desert and use it for target practice.  I talked him into giving it to me and I managed to coax it back to life.  So now, the computers on the BART will probably last a long time now that there are spares.


18 November 2012

Yesterday was the 30th running of El Tour De Tucson, a 111 Mile and other Fun Rides bicycle race.  Local hams take responsibility for the manning and coordination of many aid stations and also assist the riders when needed.  The BART 146.94 repeater was used for handling traffic in Sector 2, primarily the North East side of Tucson.  Everything went smoothly and it appears that it will be doing it again next year.  Of course, the Echolink, IRLP and WIRES plus the links to the other repeaters were all shut down for the event.



6 August 2012

So the door bell rings and it's the mail lady and she's got a small box.  Turns out it's from Fishook, Arkansas.  "What the heck is this?" I'm wondering.  I opened it and in there was a thank you card from "The guys in the morning", KE5SQC - Randy, K7GEL - Ken, N3RO - Rick, AB7IC - Tom and VK3JRE - Rex.  It said, "Thanks for all your work and expense.  A gift to show our appreciation for all you have done."  I can only assume it's for the "BART".  Well, it's my pleasure.  Only thing is, where am I gonna' find a belly big enough for this belt buckle?  What a deal!  Look at that case that Randy probably sewed himself!  The thing is 4.5 X 6.  I guess I'll mount it on a plaque. 


20 April 2012

I guess it's been a whil since I posted anything here.  Our buddy Randy - KE5SQC up in Fishhook, Arkansas sent some picture of his place to Ken - K7GEL.  Here they are.

23 October 2011

The Fall Hamfest and Swapmeet was held yesterday.  I was able to have an eyeball with N7AEU - Don Brumbaugh, one of the original and possibly the last surviving member of the original BART group. There may be others, but they're not talking.

13 March 2011

Christine no longer has Computers Etc., however, she still has the Christine and Bob Show on Saturday's at 11:00 AM on KVOI. ... FLASH:  The Christine and Bob Show is no more!

1 December 2009

The Southern Arizona DX Association has a new website at http://www.sadxa.org 
Stop by and take a look when you get a chance and if you are interested in DX, 
attend a meeting and see what they're all about.


29 October 2009

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted any news.  Anyway, here's some good news.  Christine and Bob (N7ZQK) are starting their weekly computer talk radio program on KVOI The Voice of Tucson (1030) beginning on 14 November from 11:00 AM until 12:00.  Christine is a big supporter of the B.A.R.T and has contributed several times when we've been in need for old computers.  So, please listen in and support Christine and Bob.  Here's the link:


14 September 2008

K7IOU had a malfunction in his 224.74 machine and spent some time troubleshooting it and finally discovered the problem with a squelch gate card.  He felt so good about it that he decided to tempt fate and do a "re-organize" on the repeater, link radios and VoIP system computers.  It looks so neat that a gremlin might come in and try to do something .  We'll see !

<Click Picture to Enlarge>

30 June 2008

I just had to post a picture of my recently revived Johnson Valiant AM transmitter
somewhere, so, I chose the BART page.  Here she is, ready made for true and
original, hotel sierra, atmospheric burning, ionospheric scorching "Old Fogie Overs" !

5 June 2008

Dave - K7IOU has made a few changes to his system including the Echolink connect prefix and disconnect.   The connect prefix is * (star) and the disconnect is now # (pound).
An IRLP node has been added to his system.  The node number is 3033 and requires a "B" prefix in order to differentiate from the 3892 node.  The disconnect is B73.

And to top it all off, Dave has a WIRES-II node #1381.  So, the BART has two of everything. If you hear anyone connecting, please give them a call.  

As you might already know, the N7JND simplex node is connected to the BART 24/7.  Lee, WB9TPD has re-established his Echolink Conference server.  To connect to Lee's server, just DTMF 111 and you'll be there.  Enjoy !

5 March 2008

We regret to announce the passing of Hobart (Bart) Paine, who passed at the age of 84.
Bart - K7CC was the original owner and licensee of the 146.34/94 repeater which is
part of the B.A.R.T. system.  Bart originated the B.A.R.T. many years ago and allowed it
it to be revived by the users of the system.  May he rest in peace.

6 August 2007

Dave - K7IOU has added an Echolink node to the BART system.  The node number is 22474 (not coincidental) and the access code to connect is: *C and the disconnect is ##.  What that means is you have to DTMF a *C followed by the node number you want to connect to.  Dave has some shortcuts installed and probably will share them with you.  Have fun !!

12 March 2007

Well, it finally happened !!  The Kenwood repeater is now installed, replacing the old
G.E. that has provided service for many years.  I have been thinking about it for quite
a few months now and, personally, I'm glad it's over.  Below are a couple of pictures
of the event, and click <here> to read the synopsis of the whole thing as it unfolded
since Gary turned over the Kenwood TS-820 Repeater over to the BART.  I didn't tell
it all because I wouldn't have anything to talk about at the breakfast meetings.

Gary - N1DHS, Dave - K7IOU, myself - WD7F and Fred - WA0RTO made the trip to the
Lemmon and installed the repeater in the same location as the old G.E.  Fred is a U.S.
Forestry Service communications guru and without his help it would not have been
possible.  Thanks, Fred !   It seems to be working pretty good, but that illusive crack-
ling is still there when the input signal is a little weak.  The new Motorola GM-300 link
that we installed Saturday seems to be keeping the AGC wrapped tight enough that
the crackling is less when the input to the repeater is via the 94 or the 74 machines.

There was only one snag.  When the pictures of the event are posted, you can see
that there was enough ICE on the dirt road up to the Lemmon site that Gary's pretty
Toyota Tundra (no 4-wheel drive) couldn't make it.  So, we unloaded the stuff into
Fred's company truck and we made it the rest of the way up the trail to the site. 

<Click Pictures to Enlarge>

 Installed - Front View

 Rear View in the Rack Mount Tray

14 January 2007

A project is underway to replace the 448.350 repeater on Mt. Lemon with another
more modern repeater, specifically a Kenwood TKR-820 that Gary (N1DHS) has
had in service as 449.800 for several years.  Gary re-programmed the repeater, and
and it is in the possession of KD7TXO and WD7F for further tweaking. The repeater
has been modified to allow operation on 12 VDC as well as 115 VAC and prevent the
repeater ID and announcements to be linked to the  224.74 and 146.94 systems.  It
is operational on 448.350 at KD7TXO's QTH and has been encorporated into the
BART system.  As soon as weather and schedule allows, the repeater will be moved
to Mt. Lemon.

<Click Pictures to Enlarge>

The N1DHS Kenwood TKR-820

Repeater & Controller at KD7TXO's QTH

Mod to Signaling Unit to control DPL
during Repeater ID & Announcements

Bridge Rectifier, Power Receptacle
& Wiring to allow DC operation

28 August 2006

 We have a user group established on the Yahoo.  If you'd like
to keep up with BART activities and discussion click below.


16 March 2006

 The 146.94 (110.9) and 224.74 (136.5) repeaters are linked to the 448.350 (107.2)
Mt. Lemon repeater.   N1DHS, Gary, has allowed us to complete the link.  Thanks
to WE7H, we have an operational link radio, an ICOM-2720H, which Ed donated
to the cause.  There are many minor things to be ironed out, such as squelch tails
and audio levels, but it seems to be working pretty good just out of the box.  This
link will expand our coverage greatly over a large portion of Arizona.

Thanks again, Gary Matthews - N1DHS, for the use of your machine.

The MSR-2000 146.94 repeater is now linked to the recently completed & converted
Micor 224.74 machine. Every effort is being made to insure that audio quality is
maintained and it will not be apparent which
repeater is the source.  DTMF access
to the Voice over Internet (IRLP/ECHOLINK/WIRES) modes is the same as the
146.94 machine.

17 September 2005


BART has  joined the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona.
Dave, K7IOU will be serving as the  initial President of BART.  The
rules of BART will be the same:
Dues:  None
Requirements:  None
Fund Source:  Donations only
You are invited to attend our informal BART Meeting:
8:00 AM, Saturday, Jerry Bobs, 5028 E. Broadway, Tucson
More to follow.  de 

16 May 2005
Down Comes W0LTL's Tower !

 24 August 2004

Would you believe that an "Up Front" article complete with a picture
was published in the Sept 04 issue of QST.     Dave, K7IOU, submitted
the article, however, QST saw fit to reduce the size and heavily edit it.
The article was published in its entirety in the November 2004 issue of
World Radio.
  Sorry that all the contributors weren't at the party so they
could be in the picture.    Some live just a little far away to have been
at the party.   Click the article to see an enlarged picture and the calls
of those on the certificate plus the World Radio article complete.

QST_Article.jpg (59264 bytes)

10 January 2004

In January 2004,   Twenty members of the revised BART group

purchased a Motorola MSR-2000 repeater, CAT 250 controller,
RLS-1000 switch along with other items and presented to me to
replace the tired old machine in use at the time.   We're talking
major SURPRISE here!  I consider the repeater to belong to all.

Click HERE to read all about the MSR-2000 conversion!

Click HERE to read about the 220 Micor Repeater conversion!

HISTORY:  BART was originally organized by  Hobart Paine, K7CC (SK).  The original
group consisted of over 150 members. On of the original members who remained was N7AEU (SK) - Don Brumbaugh.  Don passed away in 2015. I will attempt to locate a roster of the BART group and post it and I'll see if I can find more members around.








BART2.jpg (8690 bytes)
Who the heck is BART?

BART is a group of Tucson Amateurs who operate and
control the 146.34/.94 VHF Repeater current located in N.E.
Tucson near the crossing of Harrison Road and Snyder Road.
To be more exact:  
N 32.17.39  W 110.47.28
Grid Square:  DM42oh
                              Power at XMtr:  90 watts
                              Antenna:  Ringo Ranger ~50'
BART, and the repeater as well, was rejuvenated to include
some new users of the .94 machine.  Bart Paine, K7CC,
started BART many years ago, and he is the last of the
ORIGINAL members.  You can be a member too.  Just
use the .94 repeater.  No dues, no fees to pay.  If you're
so inclined, send me a photo and I'll post on on the
Rogues Gallery!
The repeater is currently connected to WIRES (Wide
Internet Enhancement System) as Node# 1128.

It is connected to the IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project)
system, Node# 3892.  Enjoy!

The repeater is now connected to EchoLink Node# 1125.
Wow!  We're gonna have traffic!

Here are some pictures of the new repeater
They might not represent be the latest configuration.
Things change you know.
Click on the small pictures to see the big ones!

MSR2000_3.jpg (45038 bytes)

MSR2000_2.jpg (59122 bytes)

Squelch-Gate_Mod.jpg (65276 bytes)


Repeater_on-line.jpg (63974 bytes)

Computers2.jpg (54338 bytes)

Ratsnest.jpg (69071 bytes)

Controller.jpg (57874 bytes)

Computers3.jpg (60487 bytes)

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This page is continuously under construction.   Check out the  Rogues Gallery photos of some of the BART users.  We have some real "handsome" Dudes!!  Maybe a Dudette or two!  Over 200 pictures posted !