ARCHIVES - 2nd Quarter 2010

Breakfast at Jerry Bob's
on Broadway

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

No doubt about it, it's getting seriously HOT, 106 yesterday at my house!  Today starts FIELD DAY and I'm sure there are several already up on Mount Lemmon or Bigelo getting ready for the big weekend.  So, we had 14 today.  Our main girl is missing and should be in Spain or at least preparing for the trip.  We did, however, have pretty good service by the girls including this one: DSC_8787.JPG (122753 bytes) and that's always good.  Where's Collister?  I'll bet you can find this one five or six times in the Shirt Gallery. No new faces this moring. PS:  I even corrected last week's date!  I was also informed that the QSL DSC_8660.JPG (134968 bytes) Don was holding was one from RAY to TOM many years ago!
PPS:  Yes, I know it's "H"ollister!


DSC_8790.JPG (98388 bytes)
Guess who was first!
DSC_8777.JPG (97157 bytes)
Deacon Don
DSC_8779.JPG (106545 bytes)
Antenna Bob
DSC_8780.JPG (105453 bytes)
DSC_8782.JPG (92185 bytes)

What's he have there?  A shepherd's crook?
DSC_8783.JPG (115405 bytes)
Bright eyed & bushy tailed!
DSC_8784.JPG (78498 bytes)
Stan the Man!
DSC_8785.JPG (70568 bytes)
Jerry's a bit fuzzy!
DSC_8786.JPG (84581 bytes)
Bob looks like Bob!

No, it's a dual-band J-Pole!
DSC_8788.JPG (77273 bytes)
Speaking of shearing, Alan was "shorn"! 
DSC_8791.JPG (95332 bytes)
DSC_8789.JPG (95267 bytes)
Scotty looking the same!
DSC_8792.JPG (123963 bytes)
Rolly has a new J-Pole!
DSC_8735.JPG (149894 bytes)
Tom has a new AL-811.  Sorry
I missed your picture, Tom!
DSC_8793.JPG (124704 bytes)
See the Shirt Gallery!  
DSC_8797.JPG (148203 bytes)
Radio business!


Saturday, 19 June 2010

The hot days start off pretty nice.  It was about 63 this morning when I left the house.  There must have been  23 here today.  No new faces this morning and we were missing one DSC_8682.JPG (87505 bytes).  I can't believe that she let Basil out of the house alone!  We had a pretty good time today.  Our favorite girl is traveling to , no less, and won't be honoring us with her presence for a while.  Have fun in Spain, Cheree!  Here is a nice picture of Bob & Janice.  I think I'll give them top billing again.   I think that she is having fun attending the Jerry Bob's as you might see in a picture below.

W7MPP - Bob & KE7WIT - Janice


Hmmm  This is appropriate.
DSC_8746.JPG (96367 bytes)
Yep, Bruce is back and
in his favorite seat.
DSC_8747.JPG (111972 bytes)
Tom looks happy!
DSC_8748.JPG (109085 bytes)
Deacon Don
DSC_8753.JPG (91641 bytes)
DSC_8749.JPG (92164 bytes)
Stan the man
DSC_8750.JPG (137660 bytes)
DSC_8751.JPG (139228 bytes)
Ray, who else?
DSC_8752.JPG (94894 bytes)
DSC_8754.JPG (105039 bytes)
Richard looks my way.
DSC_8756.JPG (100193 bytes)
And Bob
DSC_8757.JPG (86184 bytes)
It was this BOB with the shirt!
DSC_8758.JPG (86996 bytes)
Hey Manny!
DSC_8759.JPG (86605 bytes)
Always takes a good picture.
DSC_8760.JPG (102467 bytes)
Dapper Don

Like Pepsi in the 50's!  More bounce to the ounce!
See the name tag?
DSC_8761.JPG (102526 bytes)
Basil had his house painted.
DSC_8765.JPG (144185 bytes)
Nice shirt, Ted.
DSC_8766.JPG (122774 bytes)

DSC_8767.JPG (92787 bytes)
Better one of Don.

DSC_8768.JPG (115460 bytes)
DSC_8769.JPG (129012 bytes)
Ready to eat?
DSC_8771.JPG (101704 bytes)
Thanks, Mike.

DSC_8772.JPG (97551 bytes)
What's this?  Oh!

DSC_8773.JPG (93668 bytes)
Yep!  I have to use that.
DSC_8774.JPG (148635 bytes)
DSC_8776.JPG (135556 bytes)
A QRP R/T unit.


Saturday, 12 June 2010

There were 22 folks here this beautiful cool morning.  The temperature was 66 when I got up and there's a cool breeze.  It's a far cry from the 100's we've been having for the last couple weeks.  We had a good group this morning with the return of our prodigal son Tom - KB7XL who's been on a coast-to-coast tour.  There were three new faces this morning and will be documented below.  About three weeks ago, I received a call from Chuck - N7UQ saying that this guy had just tested and passed and asked me to give him a hand getting started.  Rolly - KF7IGU came over for the cook's tour and would you believe he tested again this past week and is now an EXTRA.  Congratulations Rolly!  Good Job!  DSC_8666.JPG (90869 bytes) and DSC_8668.JPG (110810 bytes) where missing to parts unknown.  DSC_8495.JPG (89975 bytes) will return from the East coast Tuesday and should be here next Saturday.  DSC_8684.JPG (86823 bytes) is headed back East as well.  I wonder where  DSC_8683.JPG (92455 bytes), DSC_8682.JPG (87505 bytes), DSC_8696.JPG (72276 bytes),  DSC_8697.JPG (71609 bytes) and DSC_8658.JPG (89482 bytes) were this morning.  Was there a ham fest somewhere today?

Rolly - KF7IGU

Bob - W7MPP

Janice - KE7WIT


DSC_8713.JPG (104520 bytes)
Ah!  Got one of Bob with him not posing!
DSC_8714.JPG (86861 bytes)
Jerry - KC9MH
DSC_8715.JPG (96331 bytes)
DSC_8724.JPG (124760 bytes)
DSC_8716.JPG (93804 bytes)
You want fries with that?

Tom's most pious look!
DSC_8717.JPG (95040 bytes)
Ha!  Got Tom with a good look!
DSC_8718.JPG (105291 bytes)
Hey John!  I like the hat!
DSC_8720.JPG (112237 bytes)
Looks like an RST badge!
DSC_8723.JPG (104872 bytes)
Don looks fit this AM.
DSC_8727.JPG (122305 bytes)
A good one of Cheryl !
DSC_8729.JPG (88517 bytes)
Steve was packing heat!
DSC_8730.JPG (94328 bytes)
Alan is back.
DSC_8731.JPG (128030 bytes)
DSC_8732.JPG (93348 bytes)
Corona de Tucson was 
represented this morning.
DSC_8733.JPG (117330 bytes)
Get a haircut!
DSC_8734.JPG (111870 bytes)
See?  You DO take a
good picture.
DSC_8736.JPG (86272 bytes)
KD7TXO..a stranger!

How's this for a good lookin' couple?  
DSC_8737.JPG (150283 bytes)
Here's part of the gang.
DSC_8735.JPG (149894 bytes)
Tom - ZBS
DSC_8739.JPG (189412 bytes)
A bright & shiny Harley!
DSC_8740.JPG (161508 bytes)
Backin' it out.

DSC_8541.JPG (104867 bytes)
Can you believe I missed Bob
this morning?

DSC_8632.JPG (87345 bytes)
Don ran off so fast I missed
him too!  Had to sell a house!


Saturday, 5 June 2010

A beautiful warm morning.  The temp was about 65 when I started out and on the way home it was a balmy 90!  Looks like spring has sprung in Tucson.   I think we had 27 folks here this morning.  Don - UIZ was thinking we might give away the 30th Breakfast award, but no such luck.  If , DSC_8656.JPG (94004 bytes), DSC_8329.JPG (112175 bytes) and DSC_8476.JPG (86923 bytes) had shown up, we'd have given it away.  We did have a couple of new faces brought in by Steve -  AK8E and the long lost Tammy showed up with Chuck, that was a surprise.   Speaking of DSC_8495.JPG (89975 bytes) , he is still vacationing in Mass. and says he'll go to the Red Parrot restaurant near Hull with K1LWI - Wendell on Tuesday and if you are watching the web cam there, you might see them wave at us.  Now that I think about it, if we'd have had DSC_8536.JPG (104569 bytes),DSC_8482.JPG (110494 bytes),DSC_8340.JPG (101922 bytes),,DSC_8458.JPG (81907 bytes) & DSC_8386.JPG (94226 bytes) we would have shattered the record!

N7UQ - Chuck & KD7OBC - Tammy

Eric & Kassandra, guests of AK8E


DSC_8666.JPG (90869 bytes)
Mike says he was first!
DSC_8668.JPG (110810 bytes)
Hey Grumpy!
DSC_8669.JPG (97706 bytes)
DSC_8670.JPG (128826 bytes)
DSC_8671.JPG (90797 bytes)
Smile, Stan!

Here we go!
DSC_8673.JPG (88278 bytes)
DSC_8672.JPG (117208 bytes)
Good timing, again.
DSC_8674.JPG (88783 bytes)
Mike took this!
DSC_8675.JPG (100644 bytes)
This one too.
DSC_8676.JPG (87582 bytes)
One of the many Bobs!
DSC_8677.JPG (76005 bytes)
Mike - LTL was here!
DSC_8678.JPG (90152 bytes)
Bob, where's the hat?
DSC_8679.JPG (96785 bytes)
Extra, extra, read all about it!
DSC_8680.JPG (82396 bytes)
Joe!  Where have you been?
DSC_8681.JPG (118166 bytes)
I picked a flower!
DSC_8682.JPG (87505 bytes)
Betty can't get Basil to move!
DSC_8683.JPG (92455 bytes)
So, what's the hurry?
DSC_8684.JPG (86823 bytes)
Bob's going back East, again!
DSC_8685.JPG (91213 bytes)
DSC_8686.JPG (76834 bytes)
Who's arm is that?
DSC_8687.JPG (114770 bytes)
Does she talk?
DSC_8688.JPG (131419 bytes)
No, I'm not smoking this flower!
DSC_8690.JPG (89882 bytes)
DSC_8691.JPG (156335 bytes)
Table talk going on here.
DSC_8692.JPG (198711 bytes)
Rural Free Delivery TV

Ain't my flower loverly?

DSC_8693.JPG (158629 bytes)
Looking the other way.
DSC_8694.JPG (143415 bytes)
And here's Ted.
DSC_8696.JPG (72276 bytes)
School's out
DSC_8697.JPG (71609 bytes)
Manny looks the same!
DSC_8698.JPG (131269 bytes)
Round table was full.
DSC_8699.JPG (118497 bytes)
Scotty, come early next time!
DSC_8701.JPG (134847 bytes)
More of the gang.
DSC_8704.JPG (117226 bytes)
I brung a book!

Ah!  This is a good one.
DSC_8705.JPG (100566 bytes)
Good one of Tammy!
DSC_8706.JPG (144169 bytes)
Talk, talk, talk!
DSC_8707.JPG (128212 bytes)
Jeff, the "Court Jaster"!
DSC_8708.JPG (129116 bytes)
Outside activities.
DSC_8709.JPG (159094 bytes)
Settling the arguments.
DSC_8710.JPG (99206 bytes)
Jerry & Bob next to the
Jerry Bob's!



Saturday, 29 May 2010

Hey!  It hit 100 yesterday!  There were 24 attending this morning.  Guess who went on vacation DSC_8495.JPG (89975 bytes) back East.  We miss you.  Most of the regulars showed up this morning with the exception of , and DSC_8542.JPG (84780 bytes) .  I guess I bragged that Steve had made three in a row.  Anyway, we had a couple of new faces this morning, however they weren't hams. And ...oh yes, DSC_8281.JPG (111535 bytes) is back!  Ah, almost forgot, there WAS a new face this morning.

I'm with him.  My name is Cheryl.


DSC_8626.JPG (131374 bytes)
Please program my HT.
DSC_8628.JPG (97074 bytes)
DSC_8629.JPG (109087 bytes)
 Get your hand down, Richard!
DSC_8630.JPG (88419 bytes)
Bad timing.
DSC_8631.JPG (99682 bytes)
Chuck!  It's been awhile!

What's wrong with this picture? Does it mean "Distress!"?
DSC_8633.JPG (86127 bytes)
Green Valley John
DSC_8632.JPG (87345 bytes)
DSC_8634.JPG (86869 bytes)
Stan looks happy.
DSC_8636.JPG (76102 bytes)
What's Don up to?
DSC_8638.JPG (79324 bytes)
DSC_8637.JPG (88572 bytes)
DSC_8639.JPG (157240 bytes)
Filling up the table.
DSC_8640.JPG (85430 bytes)
DSC_8641.JPG (102526 bytes)
Not quite in focus
DSC_8643.JPG (145723 bytes)
Guess who's a Chief
DSC_8644.JPG (78540 bytes)
Could it be Bob?
DSC_8646.JPG (106485 bytes)
See?  I got shades!

Who IS this person on the left?
DSC_8645.JPG (105125 bytes)
Yeah!  I DO pack a gun!
DSC_8648.JPG (97695 bytes)
Nice picture of Bob.
DSC_8647.JPG (102199 bytes)
Forgets everything.
DSC_8649.JPG (95919 bytes)
OK, I got the message!
DSC_8651.JPG (89852 bytes)
Stan will remember for me.
DSC_8652.JPG (85896 bytes)
Manny, is that you behind
those Foster Grant's?
DSC_8654.JPG (73706 bytes)
Smile, Manny!
DSC_8655.JPG (101237 bytes)
Ted is at the round table.
DSC_8656.JPG (94004 bytes)
Mouth open!
DSC_8657.JPG (91912 bytes)
At least my eyes are open.
DSC_8658.JPG (89482 bytes)
No change here.
DSC_8660.JPG (134968 bytes)
A QSL from years ago from
Tom to Don.
DSC_8661.JPG (109981 bytes)
DSC_8663.JPG (122953 bytes)
The Brashears
DSC_8664.JPG (169727 bytes)
Runnin' "The Tour" next year.
DSC_8665.JPG (80199 bytes)


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Another beautiful morning in Tucson.  We had 20 today with a special appearance of KL0UO and his XYL Paula.  Paula has been through proverbial hell with medical issues, yet, here she is looking pretty darned good considering.  Glad to see you guys.  We are still missing a few of the regulars, however, they are excused due to traveling and downright good weather.  Can't say that I blame them.

KL0UO - Jake

XYL - Paula


DSC_8529.JPG (90797 bytes)
Bruce was here first
DSC_8530.JPG (90357 bytes)
Followed by Tom...this week.
DSC_8531.JPG (114472 bytes)
DSC_8532.JPG (92965 bytes)
DSC_8533.JPG (100776 bytes)

Posing for a picture
DSC_8536.JPG (104569 bytes)
DSC_8534.JPG (168904 bytes)
Cheree, you're right.  This one
is already in the shirt gallery.
DSC_8537.JPG (126157 bytes)
DSC_8539.JPG (102444 bytes)
Yes, I know it's on my nose!
DSC_8540.JPG (210314 bytes)
I wonder who is wearing this.
DSC_8541.JPG (104867 bytes)
Of course, it's Bob!
DSC_8542.JPG (84780 bytes)
DSC_8543.JPG (132138 bytes)
Who went to Dayton?
DSC_8544.JPG (135597 bytes)
KE7YTF, of course!
DSC_8545.JPG (76328 bytes)
It's Tom's turn to sleep.
DSC_8546.JPG (81002 bytes)
We're being serious now!
DSC_8547.JPG (98898 bytes)
Richard took this.
DSC_8548.JPG (75792 bytes)
Here's Bob #3 this morning.
DSC_8549.JPG (77926 bytes)
DSC_8550.JPG (83718 bytes)
Hey Jeff!
DSC_8551.JPG (73839 bytes)
A good one of Chuck
DSC_8555.JPG (98572 bytes)
DSC_8556.JPG (131482 bytes)
She wears the BEST shirts!
DSC_8557.JPG (118325 bytes)
Yes, I'm leaving.
DSC_8558.JPG (186770 bytes)
Nope, no seven-day bicycle race.

Field Marshall Rommel in desert attire!

DSC_8561.JPG (145512 bytes)
Look out!  Playing with toys!
DSC_8560.JPG (108226 bytes)
Chad's new shirt
DSC_8562.JPG (158369 bytes)
DSC_8559.JPG (66470 bytes)
DSC_8566.JPG (157943 bytes)
Two Bob(s)!
DSC_8567.JPG (114766 bytes)
Still hanging around.
DSC_8565.JPG (151557 bytes)
Turn on the radio!
DSC_8564.JPG (145910 bytes)
Fast draw?


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Another nice morning.  There were 19 attending this morning.  I think that DSC_8463.JPG (100138 bytes) is in Dayton having a good time, I'm sure, One of ,s ball team members had a birthday so here's the sun flowers for her.  Another picture follows below. Don't know what happened to DSC_8377.JPG (103060 bytes) , DSC_8283.JPG (99109 bytes), DSC_8473.JPG (88517 bytes), or DSC_8476.JPG (86923 bytes)They might have told me, but I've forgotten anyway.  I talked to DSC_8422.JPG (104477 bytes) and he's in Madera Canyon camping.  Says he's going to Bigelo and Lemmon next.  Have fun John.


DSC_8494.JPG (81098 bytes)
Tom got his picture taken first.
DSC_8495.JPG (89975 bytes)
Bruce was second
DSC_8497.JPG (87900 bytes) And then Jerry. DSC_8498.JPG (92664 bytes)
Manny Jr.
DSC_8499.JPG (83309 bytes)
Here's Manny Sr.

Hey, look who showed up.  Chad!!
DSC_8501.JPG (129260 bytes)
DSC_8503.JPG (89703 bytes)
Jeff says, "ZZZZZZZ"
DSC_8502.JPG (91492 bytes)
DSC_8504.JPG (120126 bytes)
Bob is back from Texas.
DSC_8505.JPG (105556 bytes)
Another Bob
DSC_8506.JPG (122084 bytes)
Hi Ted!
DSC_8510.JPG (103201 bytes)
It's me, Scotty !
DSC_8508.JPG (107734 bytes)
DSC_8507.JPG (93577 bytes)
DSC_8509.JPG (109124 bytes)
They cut off Don's nose to
spite his face!
DSC_8511.JPG (86482 bytes)
Mornin' Steve.
DSC_8512.JPG (142748 bytes)
A couple of the Jerry Bob's crew.
DSC_8513.JPG (160478 bytes)
And a couple customers.
DSC_8514.JPG (157931 bytes)
The table is nearly full.
DSC_8515.JPG (98727 bytes)
Me again.
DSC_8516.JPG (89158 bytes)

DSC_8518.JPG (171969 bytes)

DSC_8519.JPG (132474 bytes)
DSC_8521.JPG (127801 bytes)
Having words.
DSC_8522.JPG (168255 bytes)
Tom & Bob

Happy Birthday!
DSC_8523.JPG (115252 bytes)
Family picture?
DSC_8524.JPG (102030 bytes)
I'm gonna' build an amp!
DSC_8525.JPG (168049 bytes)
Last one


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Kinda' cloudy today in sunny Tucson, but we had a pretty good group with a few less of the bunch missing as last week.  Anyway, I think we had 17 folks here this morning.  Not much else to report.  My camera must have had operator error because a couple of the pictures were a bit fuzzy.  Diana brought in a flower, some kind of "biscuit", I guess.  Don't know much about flowers. Oh, you meant a "hibiscus"!


DSC_8462.JPG (103843 bytes)
Richard of Vail
DSC_8463.JPG (100138 bytes)
I'm going to Dayton this year!
DSC_8464.JPG (111412 bytes)
Out of focus, dang it!
DSC_8465.JPG (81075 bytes)
Did you get it?
DSC_8466.JPG (70950 bytes)
I'm the Chereeriff !

Looking like a "Volunteer".
DSC_8468.JPG (87665 bytes)
DSC_8467.JPG (71394 bytes)
Tom asks, "What do you do with
all the pictures?"
DSC_8469.JPG (120654 bytes)
Ray, pushing buttons.
DSC_8473.JPG (88517 bytes)
Here's Don
DSC_8475.JPG (93500 bytes)
And Bob
DSC_8471.JPG (103799 bytes)
Just what is that?
DSC_8474.JPG (93728 bytes)
No coffee for Jerry?
DSC_8476.JPG (86923 bytes)
DSC_8477.JPG (128869 bytes)
One for the Shirt Gallery
DSC_8478.JPG (94807 bytes)
Steve's becoming a regular!
DSC_8479.JPG (75931 bytes)
Manny is fuzzy!
DSC_8481.JPG (127647 bytes)
Dad is not fuzzy.
DSC_8482.JPG (110494 bytes)
USN - Bob #3
DSC_8480.JPG (147236 bytes)
The table is filling up.
DSC_8483.JPG (101292 bytes)
DSC_8484.JPG (101430 bytes)
Hay Ray

DSC_8486.JPG (97604 bytes)

DSC_8485.JPG (81241 bytes)
Bruce is still the working man.
DSC_8489.JPG (161296 bytes)
Need to eat?
DSC_8493.JPG (109657 bytes)

Cheree is leaving for a ball game?
DSC_8492.JPG (78273 bytes)
Steve, outside.
DSC_8490.JPG (109658 bytes)
Bob, outside.


Saturday, 1 May 2010

Happy Mayday everybody.  It was a beautiful morning, a bit chilly, and there wasn't a cloud to be had.  This might be the last of the cool WX for the year.  We had 19 today, but a couple three regulars were missing, probably went to Sorry Vista for the ham fest down there.  DSC_8024.JPG (103338 bytes) , , DSC_8377.JPG (103060 bytes) , DSC_8420.JPG (91827 bytes) , DSC_8428.JPG (87502 bytes) , DSC_8430.JPG (89810 bytes) DSC_8360.JPG (116312 bytes) and DSC_8340.JPG (101922 bytes) were missing with DSC_7906.JPG (97155 bytes) ,DSC_8281.JPG (111535 bytes) and DSC_8278.JPG (93900 bytes) on the road somewhere.  We'd have had a big crowd if they'd showed up.   If those missing had been here, we would have given away the record breaking breakfast award. We also had a couple who had been missing for a while show up. 

Seems appropriate in Arizona these days!


DSC_8438.JPG (94301 bytes)
Bruce is back!
DSC_8436.JPG (94450 bytes)
Dennis drove miles!
DSC_8437.JPG (84745 bytes)
What's on the menu?
DSC_8435.JPG (95108 bytes)
I've been working too much!
DSC_8439.JPG (89090 bytes)
Oh yeah?  What do you want?

I have a red shirt on!
DSC_8440.JPG (98000 bytes)
DSC_8442.JPG (95795 bytes)
Close one of Stan.
DSC_8441.JPG (108088 bytes)
DSC_8443.JPG (110709 bytes)
I'm awake.
DSC_8444.JPG (90000 bytes)
Tom was here.
DSC_8447.JPG (82291 bytes)
And the chopper pilot.
DSC_8448.JPG (108570 bytes)
Did not come alone.
DSC_8449.JPG (127946 bytes)
Basil, one week in a row.
DSC_8450.JPG (92537 bytes)
Here's Betty...talking.
DSC_8452.JPG (115544 bytes)
I'm smiling.
DSC_8451.JPG (98734 bytes)
Not talking.
DSC_8454.JPG (107840 bytes)
Another of Tom!

Finally, Manny Sr. got him out of bed!
DSC_8455.JPG (121821 bytes)
Bob with the buckle.
DSC_8457.JPG (105087 bytes)
Jerry took this.
DSC_8458.JPG (81907 bytes)
DSC_8459.JPG (97229 bytes)
Glad you made it, Steve!

DSC_8460.JPG (130034 bytes)


Saturday, 24 April 2010

We were short on folks this beautiful morning.  Some DSC_8327.JPG (94273 bytes)DSC_8283.JPG (99109 bytes)were helping N7EMB - Angie with a walk of some kind and Mike - KC9ORD DSC_8281.JPG (111535 bytes) traveled to Illinois and I've forgotten where Bob - W1HJT DSC_7906.JPG (97155 bytes) said he was off to, anyway, we had a good breakfast anyway. This guy has been missing forever DSC_8030.JPG (89716 bytes) And guess who was back!!!



DSC_8417.JPG (102412 bytes)
Ray was early.
DSC_8418.JPG (106489 bytes)
So was Vourneen.
DSC_8419.JPG (105518 bytes)
Richard got here at 0-Dark Thirty.
DSC_8424.JPG (88331 bytes)
With Jerry close behind.
DSC_8420.JPG (91827 bytes)
Dapper Don the Realty King!

I was in Hawaii !!
DSC_8423.JPG (106780 bytes)
Manny, where's Manny?
DSC_8421.JPG (107326 bytes)
DSC_8422.JPG (104477 bytes)
Green Valley John
DSC_8425.JPG (83354 bytes)
Get a haircut!
DSC_8426.JPG (96082 bytes)
You need one too, Don!
DSC_8427.JPG (85272 bytes)
Bob with a CLEAN hat!
DSC_8428.JPG (87502 bytes)
Speaking of Jeff, there he is!
DSC_8429.JPG (108190 bytes)
Buy "Green" bulbs already?
DSC_8430.JPG (89810 bytes)
Hey Scotty!
DSC_8432.JPG (127927 bytes)
Another one for the Shirt Gallery
DSC_8434.JPG (151150 bytes)
Yeah!  I'm here!


Saturday, 17 April 2010

There were19 folks here this morning   The mornings are getting warmer.  Very pleasant, didn't need a jacket or sweater.  We had a long lost face show up for the first time in about a year and a half.  It was good to see Steve.  Also, after breakfast, Alan - KF7DDF put on quite a show with an battery powered RC hellicopter.  Pretty neat !  Guess who was missing:   DSC_8327.JPG (94273 bytes) I guess he was not feeling up to par, but I did hear him this afternoon on the radio so it appears that he's OK!  Also this guy DSC_8281.JPG (111535 bytes) is on a trip back to Illinois.  He'll be gone for a couple weeks or so. 

Steve - AK8E 


DSC_8376.JPG (192431 bytes)
I'm going to race Ted!
DSC_8377.JPG (103060 bytes)
Richard in fine form!
DSC_8378.JPG (76866 bytes)
Don is awake this week!
DSC_8379.JPG (101392 bytes)
Somebody shot my helmet!
DSC_8380.JPG (81387 bytes)
Tea party man!

I guess you never grow up!
DSC_8382.JPG (115232 bytes)
Morning John!
DSC_8381.JPG (97379 bytes)
John's friend.
DSC_8383.JPG (113866 bytes)
He did it again!
DSC_8385.JPG (104455 bytes)
"B" stands for busy?
DSC_8386.JPG (94226 bytes)
Hey Tom, it's been a while!
DSC_8387.JPG (125022 bytes)
Ray - OHF
DSC_8394.JPG (110436 bytes)
Vourneen without a flash!
DSC_8388.JPG (120496 bytes)
Ted says no race!
DSC_8389.JPG (83735 bytes)
Our pilot!
DSC_8390.JPG (94278 bytes)
What's Betty doing?
DSC_8391.JPG (100210 bytes)
DSC_8392.JPG (91884 bytes)

John hasn't been her for a while either.
DSC_8396.JPG (85632 bytes)
DSC_8397.JPG (99829 bytes)
Richard took this.
DSC_8400.JPG (88887 bytes)
DSC_8401.JPG (132281 bytes)
Three way session!

DSC_8413.JPG (133759 bytes)
Yes, I'm going home!

DSC_8414.JPG (174070 bytes)I'm Ready! DSC_8415.JPG (141817 bytes)
Steve is a pilot too?
Pretty neat toy!


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Beautiful morning, nice day for a picnic!  We had 23 attending this morning with a new face as shown  In addition, Cliff - KD4ZPB was here for his semi-annual appearance.  Of course, Cliff will be going to the picnic too.




DSC_8326.JPG (119391 bytes)
I actually beat Richard !
DSC_8327.JPG (94273 bytes)
Bruce was first!
DSC_8329.JPG (112175 bytes)
Followed by Tom!
DSC_8330.JPG (99348 bytes)
And, another Tom!

Now, she's posing!
DSC_8331.JPG (91129 bytes)
Hey Mike!
DSC_8332.JPG (88425 bytes)
Stombaugh made it!
DSC_8334.JPG (122407 bytes)
Brung their own coffee!
DSC_8335.JPG (93525 bytes)
See my hat?
DSC_8336.JPG (86173 bytes)
Vourneen in yellow!
DSC_8337.JPG (61379 bytes)
Alan when he arrived!
DSC_8356.JPG (93178 bytes)
Alan when he departed!
Any difference?
DSC_8338.JPG (94494 bytes)
Don has a new toy!
DSC_8339.JPG (70770 bytes)
Whoops, he moved!
DSC_8340.JPG (101922 bytes)
Got him this time!

Here's the long lost Bob!
DSC_8345.JPG (90001 bytes)
Don is awake this week!
DSC_8347.JPG (110065 bytes)
This Bob doesn't miss breakfast!
DSC_8348.JPG (158835 bytes)
Some of the gang!

DSC_8349.JPG (107709 bytes)
Another of Cliff!

DSC_8350.JPG (118843 bytes)
Bob has the new toy!
DSC_8351.JPG (123932 bytes)
Green Valley John!
DSC_8353.JPG (71195 bytes)
Hey!  It's Owen...again!
DSC_8354.JPG (84837 bytes)
Jeff, you're a bit late!
DSC_8355.JPG (125510 bytes)
Just standing there!
DSC_8358.JPG (90191 bytes)
Some old guy!
DSC_8359.JPG (100691 bytes)
Here's Ted!
DSC_8360.JPG (116312 bytes)
One more Bob!
DSC_8361.JPG (133234 bytes)
Spill over table.
DSC_8362.JPG (134794 bytes)
Still hanging around.
DSC_8363.JPG (139728 bytes)
Don't side-step the picture, Tom!
DSC_8364.JPG (149204 bytes)
DSC_8365.JPG (105831 bytes)
There it is!  A new iPad!!
DSC_8366.JPG (181568 bytes)
Going for a long ride today.
DSC_8367.JPG (124405 bytes)
DSC_8368.JPG (139907 bytes)
Still showing it off!
DSC_8369.JPG (99204 bytes)
Whoops...eyes closed!
DSC_8371.JPG (79835 bytes)
Tom...good picture!

DSC_8372.JPG (114495 bytes)
Three of 'em!


Saturday, 3 April 2010
Happy   Everyone
We had 21show up this morning, a very beautiful morning!  It was nice to be back to normal since taking a break for the RST DesertFest.  We also had a new face as shown.  Welcome to Jerry Bob's!  Now all you need to do is get on the air with us.  Does his call seem a bit familiar, close to Bob's call?   Speaking of , where have you been?  We have missed you.



DSC_8276.JPG (82775 bytes)
Jerry got here EARLY!
DSC_8278.JPG (93900 bytes)
Capt. Tom is here too!
DSC_8279.JPG (87678 bytes)
I didn't take this.
DSC_8280.JPG (83345 bytes)
DSC_8281.JPG (111535 bytes)

Brighten my day!
DSC_8282.JPG (146775 bytes)
DSC_8283.JPG (99109 bytes)
Hello Stan!
DSC_8284.JPG (111766 bytes)
Smile, Mr.
DSC_8286.JPG (88683 bytes)
Better one of Bruce
DSC_8287.JPG (93405 bytes)
Can't say that about this one!
DSC_8288.JPG (99131 bytes)
Mornin' Ray
DSC_8289.JPG (118654 bytes)
And Vourneen!
DSC_8290.JPG (116433 bytes)
OK, Grumpy!
DSC_8292.JPG (87256 bytes)
Here's Basil
DSC_8293.JPG (87011 bytes)
Manny sans Manny Jr.
He wouldn't get up.
DSC_8295.JPG (93606 bytes)
Don't go to sleep, Don.
DSC_8294.JPG (88412 bytes)
Got me a new hat!

Betty...two weeks in a row!

DSC_8297.JPG (92166 bytes)
Cool shades
DSC_8296.JPG (91568 bytes)
Where have you been?
DSC_8299.JPG (99337 bytes)
One from column A, one from...
DSC_8298.JPG (86702 bytes)
Jaster the Jester
DSC_8300.JPG (128382 bytes)
Hey Ted!
DSC_8301.JPG (71853 bytes)
DSC_8302.JPG (100511 bytes)
Couldn't stay and eat...gotta' run!
DSC_8303.JPG (82327 bytes)
DSC_8304.JPG (61241 bytes)
DSC_8305.JPG (123384 bytes)
DSC_8306.JPG (121084 bytes)
War stories?
DSC_8307.JPG (122744 bytes)
Sun in your eyes, Jerry?
DSC_8308.JPG (141436 bytes)
Are MY legs like that?