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Rolly - KW7RS watches YouTube

Who's wearing this shirt?

KC7DVF - Adam wears this!

This is Adam's also!

A country of idiots run by idiots!

You are judged by the company you keep?

We just love him!

Don't badger me baby!

Make it a HAM sandwich?

Ain't it the truth!

I believe in you, Angie!

Math is a team sport?

Tell that to Milli Watt !

Merry Christmas, You Dirty Old Man!

Amoeba Divides?  Why 42?

How can you observe a sniper? 

Ms. Hollister again!

I "Moustache" You a Question

Does it now?  If you say so!

This one is true!  Takes one to know!

If there's not been an EMP!

Tattoo, my mean... 

Yeah!  Let's eat!

Wine & Whisky, right?

Ruskies Among Us!


Where'd you get that shirt?


A "Herk Shirt" !

An Easy Rider Shirt

Do they call it "The Triple Nickel"?

My sentiment exactly!

Now I know why Hollister is such a popular place!  AERO New York too!


You could use another term!

 Yes, Chief!  Whatever you say, Chief! 

There's just something
about this type of shirt!

Chad's new shirt

Who went to Dayton?

KE7YTF did!

Went on a walk!

Honolulu misses you, Cheree!

 Get out the iron, this
one needs smoothing out!

 Maybe.  Hum a few bars
and I'll see!

Two good ones....the front

and the back !

John the Navy and.....

 Looks like an F-4 Logo

Mardi Gras Soon!

Third (#3) AERO NY Shirt

It's a Dog's Life!

Another Shirt for volunteering

How many turds do you have to 
sweep up to get this shirt?

RST of Tucson

Another Fire Department Shirt

A FERRARI !!  Who has a Ferrari ?

Fire Department Shirt

 2009 Tour de Tucson Shirt
Monkey Business?  I hope ! I have this disease !
What kind of bike? East or West Coast?

Or a corner of the fridge for beer !

What IS that ?  

Vermont has Motorcycles ?
More bumps to smooth !

Better Buy Beretta !

I wanted to smooth out the bumps !

Another "Fireman, save my child !"

An older looking fire truck !


& Brimstone ! 

Must be the 4th of July !

I'll have one of those ! 

Happy 4th ! 

One of those ancient "Rockers " !

Fred - WA7ERY lives there !

That's right !  

Border Patrol !!

Already ?

 Don't ask me !

Alabama, Texas or Ontario ?

 I'm definitely one !

 Sorta !

Heck, I didn't even consider it !

Where in the hell is Pattaya ?
Thailand, no ? <click>

Just what does a Scotchman
wear under his Kilt ?

Just be glad it doesn't say FEMA !

OK ! I've got another fire !  Put it OUT !


Where do I sign up ?

Well, put out my fire !!

Three in a row from Jeff !

Rock hard my ABS !!

Jeff, you're the pumpkin !!

Is that what General Patton said ?

Ammmm, I'm tellin' !
Tom went fishin' !!

Oh Yeah !!  A Sarah Palen Shirt !!
Where's the bumps ?

Let's see !
  Warner Brothers
Citizens Band ?

Pink shirts !  That's
MY therapy !

Vail ?  Is that near Phoenix ?

WIER ?  Hmm !  Should be

I have no idea what this is !

W1KSZ says he does CW !

Just how OLD is that shirt ?

I think you mean "ain't" !!

Nice badge !

Tubes ?  Oh yeah !
I remember those !

This shirt is a lie ! Who has
any time after retirement ?

Ask Craig - KD7TXO to
tell you about this shirt !

Aboriginal Art !

A shirt worth mentioning !

Here's Ole' Ned !

Tom's - W8 TWB !

Hold it up, Tom !

What kind of truck is that ?

And, proud of it !!

Yep, that's me !

 Ask K3TYE what this means !

 Maybe !  I'm just
sniffing around a bit !

Hmm !  No comment !

Jim says he's nearly
out of shirts !

Get 'em !!

New Apron from VK3HGX

 When ARE you coming back ?

Maybe next year !

 Hickery, Dickery, Dockery !

 The Greatest Generation !

How much for the name tag ?

Wonder if it's "Road Kill" !!

 Who's in charge here ??

 AJ7EF knows from experience !

She probably didn't see
me take this picture !

 Duh, I'm feeling MUCH
better now !

But he ain't !

Jeff, the eternal optimist !!

Here's gas business again !

Well, who hasn't ???

Big shirt !

Gonna' miss this shirt !

PITA ! Who'd of thunk it !

Let's have another !

 Always served at
Jerry Bob's - Ask Trixie !

 Jeff is a member of
"The New World Order"

At least it's not "brown" stains !

The shirt says:  Its a girl's
world, boys just live in it ! 

I can fix the Swan 350 too !

WB9TPD's brother ?

Is the first name Bo ?

Yep !

A good hand ?

What's your dog's name?

Muffin? Maybe! Stud???

Been there done that !


Pity the XYL

Well, she IS wearing a shirt !

This pair also !

Just WHO is this
message for ?

Now I know where he
comes from !

Four "Shirts" !!

A recurring theme !

Is this the last one ?

Coffee, anyone ??

The 1st Shirt !

Can't wait for summer !