ARCHIVES - 1st Quarter 2010

Breakfast at Jerry Bob's
on Broadway

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

 No official breakfast this beautiful day in Tucson.  It was the RST DesertFest and Ham Radio Swap Meet. 

I took lots of pictures and here's the <link>.


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Now THIS is Tucson Chamber of Commerce weather!  Let's go for a ride!  Guess who showed up after a long absence!  Basil & Betty & it's been a long time!  I guess DSC_8024.JPG (103338 bytes) and are just too darned busy these days.  I think we had 21 today! 

KB7LCT - Betty & KB7KKU - Basil


DSC_8092.JPG (74968 bytes)
Guess who got first photo?
DSC_8093.JPG (107236 bytes)
DSC_8094.JPG (98260 bytes)
DSC_8096.JPG (97537 bytes)
DSC_8097.JPG (110558 bytes)

Good one of Vourneen and Ray!
DSC_8098.JPG (97689 bytes)
Well, let me think!
DSC_8099.JPG (116509 bytes)
Have some coffee.
DSC_8100.JPG (106822 bytes)
Mike, don't you know to keep...
DSC_8101.JPG (106022 bytes)
your fingers away from the flash?
DSC_8103.JPG (90608 bytes)
Needs a haircut?
DSC_8104.JPG (110265 bytes)
Don't take it.
DSC_8105.JPG (97951 bytes)
What's in the paper?
DSC_8106.JPG (107302 bytes)
Yes, I'm reading it!
DSC_8107.JPG (96861 bytes)
Not quite awake, huh, Alan?
DSC_8108.JPG (93151 bytes)
DSC_8109.JPG (89687 bytes)
Had my ears lowered!
DSC_8110.JPG (78350 bytes)
Always takes a good picture..

Don't change your hair for me...not if you really care for me!

DSC_8111.JPG (108894 bytes)
Bob in a different hat.
DSC_8112.JPG (90008 bytes)
It's me, Jeff!
DSC_8113.JPG (91875 bytes)
DSC_8114.JPG (102137 bytes)
My better side
DSC_8116.JPG (106762 bytes)
Hey!  It's OWEN !
DSC_8117.JPG (98990 bytes)
Dang!  You gonna' EAT that?
DSC_8118.JPG (95493 bytes)
My eyes are closed...I know it!
DSC_8119.JPG (150861 bytes)
Some of the gang
DSC_8120.JPG (196121 bytes)
Owen's ride.
DSC_8121.JPG (129059 bytes)
DSC_8122.JPG (103972 bytes)
Two to draw to.
DSC_8123.JPG (112791 bytes)
Jeff & Manny
DSC_8124.JPG (99404 bytes)
Wow!  Nice legs!
DSC_8125.JPG (130256 bytes)
A new toy for Manny!
DSC_8127.JPG (98804 bytes)
Is it "B" for Basil?


Saturday, 13 March 2010

There were16 folks here this morning   Absolutely, it was a gorgeous morning in the Old Pueblo!  We had a new face and business as usual.  Gee, what happened to ?  There were two Bobs missing but only this one DSC_7906.JPG (97155 bytes) had an excuse.  He went back East to see family.  And seems like DSC_8024.JPG (103338 bytes) told me he wouldn't make it also.  To top if off, I had a picture for last week's hero  , but he didn't make it either.

Cliff - KF7DDG 
Look at this guy's antenna: hamtower.jpg (27735 bytes) 


DSC_8049.JPG (95059 bytes)
Mike, bright eyed
& bushytailed!
DSC_8050.JPG (102322 bytes)
Here's Bruce,,same position !
DSC_8051.JPG (107861 bytes)
Uhhh...I ran into a door!
DSC_8052.JPG (88286 bytes)
I'm here.
DSC_8053.JPG (99387 bytes)
Ole' Blue Eyes is back!

DSC_8054.JPG (125068 bytes)
I got pictures!
DSC_8055.JPG (95366 bytes)
What are you lookin' at, Jerry ?
DSC_8056.JPG (73593 bytes)
Hey Alan!
DSC_8057.JPG (97039 bytes)
New guy!  Nice cap, Cliff !
DSC_8059.JPG (117546 bytes)
Hey!  I AM smiling!
DSC_8060.JPG (75866 bytes)
....see no evil !
DSC_8061.JPG (84633 bytes)
I'm back too!
DSC_8062.JPG (74706 bytes)
Don't look so serious, Manny!
DSC_8065.JPG (115557 bytes)
Vourneen without specs!
DSC_8067.JPG (110743 bytes)
Bob, waaaay down at the end.
DSC_8068.JPG (104710 bytes)
No, I wasn't in the NAVY !
DSC_8069.JPG (138458 bytes)
Pay up and ship out.

Jerry - KC9MH took this.  This guy is asleep!

DSC_8072.JPG (125144 bytes)
DSC_8071.JPG (151172 bytes)
More outside.
DSC_8074.JPG (78775 bytes)
That's the way it is.
DSC_8075.JPG (130080 bytes)
What are they talking about?
DSC_8076.JPG (112598 bytes)
Who cares?
DSC_8077.JPG (143919 bytes)
1952 Found On Road Dead
DSC_8078.JPG (162684 bytes)
See you next week!


Saturday, 6 March 2010

There were 16 folks here this morning   We have a shooting star in the group.  Last November, KF7FIU showed up as the new face.  The next thing you know, in January, he's W7DXW and to top it off, he went to the YMCA this past Thursday and took his General and Extra and passed, of course !  Good job, Joe !  Just goes to show that OLD guys can do it too !



More Jerry Bob's Advertising

Didn't even show the plate of toast !
DSC_8022.JPG (99990 bytes)
I'm #1 !
DSC_8023.JPG (97322 bytes)
Here's Bruce
DSC_8024.JPG (103338 bytes)
Me too.
DSC_8025.JPG (97779 bytes)
Sort of like bringing a
sandwich to a banquet.
DSC_8026.JPG (82680 bytes)
Manny Jr. is sick says Dad

KC9MH - Jerry
DSC_8027.JPG (103677 bytes)
Morning Ray
DSC_8029.JPG (116335 bytes)
What?  Me worry?
DSC_8028.JPG (91430 bytes)
Hello Vourneen
DSC_8030.JPG (89716 bytes)
Busy man with Ham Radio.
DSC_8032.JPG (120533 bytes)
Bob misses the snow and is
going back east for a couple
weeks.  Sucker !!
DSC_8033.JPG (124538 bytes)
Hey, there's Bob..
DSC_8036.JPG (89913 bytes)
Carol has a new R7 !!
DSC_8037.JPG (146158 bytes)
Is that coffee bad, Ted?
DSC_8039.JPG (86507 bytes)
Picture taker
DSC_8040.JPG (138948 bytes)
At ease !  I'll be in the
area all day !
DSC_8041.JPG (93538 bytes)
Our man, Scotty
DSC_8042.JPG (95331 bytes)
Can't Remember S x x t !

I'm The group at the table

DSC_8045.JPG (147521 bytes)
DSC_8046.JPG (136285 bytes)
Trixi would have run all
of you away from the door.
DSC_8047.JPG (108334 bytes)
That's the way it is.


Saturday, 27 February 2010

Guess what?  Jerry Bob's prodigal son, Lee 'Lectric showed up with one of his e-machines.  It's been a while!

Missing in action were
DSC_7899.JPG (108852 bytes) and  DSC_7881.JPG (106160 bytes) .  The good thing is that "You know who" DSC_7952.JPG (80036 bytes) was back, except she didn't wait our tables.  What's up with that?  Other than that, we had a good time this morning.
Hey Mom, I want one! It's a patriotic car! Don't forget to SALUTE !


I sat right across from Richard and Mike and missed 'em both!
DSC_7980.JPG (128116 bytes)
Another one for the Shirt Gallery
DSC_7953.JPG (87367 bytes)
You're early, John!
DSC_7955.JPG (86431 bytes)
Green Valley John
DSC_7929.JPG (73756 bytes)
Yep, I Missed mike.  Never mind,
He looks the same as last week!
DSC_7956.JPG (77650 bytes)
Four Bobs this morning. #1

Vourneen and Ray
DSC_7957.JPG (88833 bytes)
Stan the Man !
DSC_7958.JPG (103055 bytes)
Bruce, not working ?
DSC_7960.JPG (99578 bytes)
I wuz here!
DSC_7961.JPG (88655 bytes)
DSC_7962.JPG (90308 bytes)
"What?" says Bob.  #2
DSC_7963.JPG (92099 bytes)
Manny...looks the same.
DSC_7965.JPG (85009 bytes)
So does Manny ! 
DSC_7966.JPG (99850 bytes)
Oh, thank you!  What is it?
DSC_7967.JPG (84732 bytes)
Alan was here.
DSC_7968.JPG (117890 bytes)
No picture for me.
DSC_7969.JPG (127438 bytes)
Bob, again. #3
DSC_7970.JPG (89547 bytes)
Chuck - N7UQ

I'm here to serve you.

DSC_7971.JPG (93079 bytes)
Hey, it's Lee !
DSC_7973.JPG (118686 bytes)
Bob, you made it! #4
DSC_7974.JPG (72850 bytes)
Where am I gonna' sit?
DSC_7975.JPG (162848 bytes)
A table load.
DSC_7976.JPG (109961 bytes)
Chuck & Lee
DSC_7977.JPG (175900 bytes)
From the other end.
DSC_7978.JPG (141958 bytes)
Some are leaving?
DSC_7979.JPG (88083 bytes)
Watch out!  Your face
will freeze like that!

Owner of the shirt.

DSC_7986.JPG (134320 bytes)
There are four more
under the seat.
DSC_7985.JPG (120821 bytes)
Plush inside !
DSC_7987.JPG (134219 bytes)
Alternative to what?
DSC_7988.JPG (133164 bytes)
DSC_7989.JPG (137450 bytes)
DSC_7991.JPG (123350 bytes)
Hey, an MB!
DSC_7990.JPG (114535 bytes)
Nope, can't carry a tune!


Saturday, 20 February 2010

 It was a beautiful morning in Sunny Tucson!  And guess what?  It's


Guess who
DSC_7799.JPG (96858 bytes)  didn't show up because he had to "work". Also, DSC_7760.JPG (108066 bytes) this guy must have had something very important to do.  We  had 18 this morning and one of them showed up and the law is hot on his trail.  If you see this guy there is a reward...enough to buy breakfast at Jerry Bobs and not much more.
 Wait just a minute!  I think that is our man Bob - KE7WIS !!  Sure looks like him !!  Who wants the $10.00 reward?  Hey, Bob, you're now in the Rogues Gallery !

Congratulations! Bob is a General Class Operator !


DSC_7925.JPG (177958 bytes)
The Front of the Shirt
DSC_7928.JPG (114351 bytes)
Richard - W1KSZ
DSC_7929.JPG (73756 bytes)
Mike - KC9ORD
DSC_7927.JPG (172045 bytes)
The Back of the Shirt
DSC_7930.JPG (104075 bytes)
Don - NO7P

Geez Cheree!  How come you are only here every other week?
DSC_7931.JPG (109628 bytes)
Ray - WB7OHF
DSC_7933.JPG (104724 bytes)
Stan - W
DSC_7932.JPG (96812 bytes)
Vourneen - KB7CRT
DSC_7935.JPG (109534 bytes)
Don - KD7UIZ
DSC_7936.JPG (95582 bytes)
John - WD7F
DSC_7937.JPG (93901 bytes)
WB9JVM - John
DSC_7938.JPG (73527 bytes)
Manny - KF7AOM 
DSC_7939.JPG (87138 bytes)
Manny - KF7AOL
DSC_7940.JPG (99423 bytes)
John - K2CRS
DSC_7941.JPG (67093 bytes)
Alan - KF7DDF
DSC_7942.JPG (116171 bytes)
Jeff - AJ7EF
DSC_7943.JPG (72212 bytes)
Chuck - N7UQ

DSC_7947.JPG (86129 bytes)
Scotty - KB7JAQ

DSC_7945.JPG (180708 bytes)
Don't mess with this guy !.
DSC_7948.JPG (163764 bytes)
What are they doing?
DSC_7949.JPG (104722 bytes)
Nah, it ain't loaded !
DSC_7950.JPG (148893 bytes)
DSC_7951.JPG (108132 bytes)


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Well, this weather is more like it.  Not a cloud in the sky, not even a wisp.  I'm ready for warm weather.  I think we had 23 this morning.  Have you bought the XYL or YL something for tomorrow? Box of See's or at least a card, no?
 We had a special guest today, Alan - KF7DDF brought Mom with him this morning, although I question as to whether she is old enough to be his mom.  Looks a bit young to me.  The rest of the group was pretty much the regular folks.  We had a good time standing around afterward and shooting the breeze.  Don't know where this YL happened to be.  We missed you, Cheree!    And this guy DSC_78380008.JPG (91073 bytes) was missing too.  Something about a bicycle race.  Hey Stan, Don made it for breakfast, why not you?

Who does the above remind you of?  Tell me next Saturday!

Sharon - KF7DDF's Mom

DSC_7879.JPG (121849 bytes)
I got to chat with Bob
this morning. 
DSC_7880.JPG (94751 bytes)
Here's Mike, SADXA's finest.
DSC_7881.JPG (106160 bytes)
Hello Don.
DSC_7882.JPG (108332 bytes)
Here's Betty Boop.
DSC_7883.JPG (105991 bytes)
Ray havin' fun.

Special Guest....N7YG - Jeff  Hey, don't look so serious!
DSC_7886.JPG (84480 bytes)
Green Valley John
DSC_7887.JPG (122709 bytes)
DSC_7888.JPG (110089 bytes)
Handsome Dapper Don
DSC_7889.JPG (87223 bytes)
Glad you made it, Bob !
DSC_7890.JPG (111073 bytes)
Corona de Tucson's rep
DSC_7891.JPG (78790 bytes)
Chuck got himself a new hat !
DSC_7893.JPG (101196 bytes)
Here's YTF Bob
DSC_7894.JPG (105160 bytes)
Who's finger got in front
of the lens?
DSC_7895.JPG (120890 bytes)
DSC_7896.JPG (79599 bytes)
Yep, that's my mom alright!
DSC_7897.JPG (80639 bytes)
Too young to have an old
kid like that KF7DDF!
DSC_7898.JPG (87427 bytes)
Hey Carol, what's up?

DSC_7899.JPG (108852 bytes)
Bring on that breakfast! I'm ready!

DSC_7900.JPG (91204 bytes)
Joe with his winter cap.
DSC_7901.JPG (65118 bytes)
Handsome young man.
DSC_7902.JPG (97055 bytes)
Handsome young man's dad.
DSC_7903.JPG (153950 bytes)
Down the table
DSC_7904.JPG (97483 bytes)
Ohhhhh waitress!
DSC_7906.JPG (97155 bytes)
One more of W1HJT
DSC_7907.JPG (166367 bytes)
Up the table.

Here's a big piece of gear.
DSC_7909.JPG (117721 bytes)
Why are you holding your
head in shame, Jeff?
DSC_7910.JPG (99658 bytes)
Scotty made it.
DSC_7911.JPG (147827 bytes)
Looking at a wish book.
DSC_7912.JPG (148019 bytes)
Gettin' ready to leave.
DSC_7913.JPG (150546 bytes)
Jeff is leaving already?
DSC_7914.JPG (168427 bytes)
So's we'd know who he is.


Saturday, 6 February 2010

Another beautiful morning in paradise.  We had  24 for breakfast, twenty five if you count Owen, who didn't stay to eat.  We had a very special guest this morning, Patti, daughter of Ray & Vourneen.  Also, we have a new face with a new call as you will see below.   Welcome Orson, and congratulations on the new call and you will be inducted immediately into the Rogues Gallery!.  

PATTI - Escorted by 23 Ham Radio Operators



DSC_78330003.JPG (101264 bytes)
Ray, the proud Pappa! 
DSC_78340004.JPG (96611 bytes)
Vourneen is proud too!
DSC_78350005.JPG (87773 bytes)
Workin' Man...again
DSC_78360006.JPG (105291 bytes)
Bob #1
DSC_78370007.JPG (72294 bytes)
Chad was up all night !

Three of 'em together.
DSC_78380008.JPG (91073 bytes)
Here's Stan
DSC_78390009.JPG (90390 bytes)
Mike, lookin' chipper.
DSC_78400010.JPG (112652 bytes)
Always posing.
DSC_78410011.JPG (104958 bytes)
Don was here, left early.
DSC_78430012.JPG (106308 bytes)
Bob #2
DSC_78440013.JPG (87541 bytes)
Deacon Don
DSC_78450014.JPG (84741 bytes)
Finally...Bob #3
DSC_78460015.JPG (83073 bytes)
DSC_78470016.JPG (104640 bytes)
I got a new hat!!
DSC_78480017.JPG (88808 bytes)
There's Ted
DSC_78500019.JPG (94095 bytes)
DSC_78510020.JPG (96630 bytes)
Oh Alan, look over here.

DSC_78520021.JPG (80198 bytes)
Did I spill something on me?

DSC_78550023.JPG (82022 bytes)
Sharp young man.
DSC_78560024.JPG (94527 bytes)
Over here, Alan !
DSC_78580025.JPG (86692 bytes) a hurry, been up
21 hours, but who's counting?
DSC_78590026.JPG (98273 bytes)
Joe, having fun.
DSC_78600027.JPG (105235 bytes)
Scotty, never changing.
DSC_78610028.JPG (104186 bytes) more Bob !
DSC_78620029.JPG (105286 bytes)
Yep, it's an antenna.
DSC_78630030.JPG (68507 bytes)
Workin' man's badge
DSC_78640031.JPG (102775 bytes)
Here's Andrew...better late...
DSC_78650032.JPG (132914 bytes)
Here they are again.
DSC_78660033.JPG (92428 bytes)
Finally!  He looked up.
DSC_78670034.JPG (148187 bytes)
Some of the group
DSC_78680035.JPG (129485 bytes)
Had the round table too.
DSC_78690036.JPG (126343 bytes)
Ted, again.
DSC_78700037.JPG (128546 bytes)
Another one for the Gallery

Guess who got a new car?  She says, "I LOVE my new car!"

DSC_78720039.JPG (152704 bytes)
37 Ford Panel Wagon
DSC_78730040.JPG (129805 bytes)
And here's one more outside.
DSC_78740041.JPG (122766 bytes)
Before I was born..
DSC_78750042.JPG (160499 bytes)
What a nice lookin' vehicle!
DSC_78760043.JPG (138678 bytes)
Holding Chad up so's he won't
fall asleep standing.
DSC_78770044.JPG (141454 bytes)
Pondering the red wagon.
DSC_78780045.JPG (100727 bytes)
Nice picture, Tony.


Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ahhhh...nice day today.  A bit cloudy, but the sun is coming up ever so earlier and the temp wasn't too bad this morning, maybe 41 or so.  He had a good group with 23 showing up.  Last week I missed the obvious when Joe - KF7FIU had received a new call and I didn't document it.  So, here is Joe in full splendor! Congrats on the new call.  And what-do-you-know?, Tom -W8TWB showed up! We're missing  DSC_6617.JPG (114638 bytes) and another regular DSC_7152.JPG (83428 bytes) guy from Vail.  Been a while for Tom.  We miss you!



DSC_7798.JPG (103425 bytes)
Yes Tom, it's time to get up!
DSC_7799.JPG (96858 bytes)
Bruce, did you work all night?
DSC_7800.JPG (137784 bytes)
Bob is looking chipper!
DSC_7801.JPG (106514 bytes)
Good idea, Richard! Pose for me!
DSC_7802.JPG (95531 bytes)

The new and the old.  I like your pose, Cheree!
DSC_7804.JPG (117660 bytes)
Tell me about it.
DSC_7803.JPG (107350 bytes)
Stan, being serious!
DSC_7806.JPG (109692 bytes)
Ray made it this week!
DSC_7807.JPG (98010 bytes)
Deacon Don is ready to go!
DSC_7808.JPG (102964 bytes)
Stayed up all night with Bruce.
DSC_7809.JPG (89461 bytes)
Manny says he's having fun!
DSC_7805.JPG (107444 bytes)
So did Vourneen!
DSC_7810.JPG (124035 bytes)
Whoops...turned the head!
DSC_7811.JPG (102934 bytes)
That's better.
DSC_7812.JPG (97650 bytes)
DSC_7813.JPG (131658 bytes)
Bob is here.
DSC_7815.JPG (120758 bytes)
That gray line is a
tall "Rubber Ducky", Ted.

Mom, do I HAVE to get up?

DSC_7819.JPG (81641 bytes)
It's my "To Do" list!
DSC_7818.JPG (110861 bytes)
DSC_7820.JPG (89055 bytes)
Good one of Chuck!
DSC_7821.JPG (116300 bytes)
Look in the book.
DSC_7823.JPG (98119 bytes)
It's me, Scotty!
DSC_7824.JPG (152966 bytes)
A Table Full.
DSC_7826.JPG (125119 bytes)
DSC_7827.JPG (130689 bytes)
More Outside
DSC_7828.JPG (158331 bytes)
A Gaggle
DSC_7829.JPG (164514 bytes)
 What's in the box?
DSC_7830.JPG (131684 bytes)


Saturday, 23 January 2010

More rain last night but we didn't get the forecasted dusting of snow.  You can see the mountains are covered down to the top of the highest foothills, but nothing lower.  Wasn't as cold either.  It was 41 when I left the house.

This guy is in North Carolina visiting family:
DSC_7027.JPG (97268 bytes)  Also, DSC_7661.JPG (93048 bytes) and DSC_7660.JPG (94682 bytes) were missing.  I hope all is well.  We had  a pretty good group with  19   attending. 


DSC_7579.JPG (120595 bytes)
I sat next to Bruce, so I didn't
get his picture this morning!
DSC_7740.JPG (131472 bytes)
Let's go!  Putting it in the Gallery!
DSC_7741.JPG (117555 bytes)
Looking chipper, Richard!
DSC_7742.JPG (95122 bytes)
You too, Mike!
DSC_7744.JPG (93846 bytes)
Newest member of SADXA

My new shirt!
DSC_7745.JPG (94370 bytes)
DSC_7746.JPG (109645 bytes)
DSC_7747.JPG (92460 bytes)
Deacon Don
DSC_7748.JPG (84614 bytes)
The ham who came in
from the cold.
DSC_7749.JPG (83851 bytes)
It's John
DSC_7750.JPG (88984 bytes)
Where's your jacket, Alan?
DSC_7751.JPG (116703 bytes)
We had four Bob's today.
DSC_7752.JPG (95956 bytes)
Manny Sr.
DSC_7753.JPG (84701 bytes)
Manny Jr.
DSC_7754.JPG (102847 bytes)
Cool on the bike, huh Scotty?
DSC_7755.JPG (84611 bytes)
DSC_7756.JPG (98414 bytes)
Thanks, Mike

Destined for the shirt gallery.  This is AERO NY #3.

DSC_7757.JPG (121090 bytes)
DSC_7758.JPG (108732 bytes)
Is he posing?
DSC_7759.JPG (152629 bytes)
Down the Table
DSC_7760.JPG (108066 bytes)
DSC_7761.JPG (118878 bytes)
DSC_7762.JPG (160371 bytes)
Up the Table
DSC_7764.JPG (140303 bytes)
DSC_7765.JPG (160746 bytes)
Stan worked FD08!
DSC_7766.JPG (144802 bytes)
Winter in Tucson
DSC_7767.JPG (157188 bytes)
 See the horses?
DSC_7768.JPG (164683 bytes)
Another one
DSC_7769.JPG (128867 bytes)
 Looks cold up there

They never look as good from the camera as your eye can see!

DSC_7770.JPG (133037 bytes)


Saturday, 16 January  2010

Here we are, mid January already!  We had 21 folks this morning at breakfast.  W1HJT returned from his trip back to the cold territory and we have a new Jerry Bob's crew member, however, I didn't get her name.  Also got a couple for the Shirt Gallery.  And, oh yes, I remembered to bring the camera!  This guy has been a regular: DSC_7299.JPG (90503 bytes) Wonder where he went?


DSC_7657.JPG (91348 bytes)
Mike, did you know I got a
new iPhone?
DSC_7658.JPG (104688 bytes)
Stan the Man !
DSC_7659.JPG (107095 bytes)
DSC_7660.JPG (94682 bytes)
DSC_7661.JPG (93048 bytes)
Ray was here!!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed.......
DSC_7662.JPG (101835 bytes)
Thumbs up !
DSC_7666.JPG (112087 bytes)
Didn't focus right
DSC_7664.JPG (90942 bytes)
I was too slow to get the
good picture just before this.
DSC_7663.JPG (117982 bytes)
Don was here.....
DSC_7667.JPG (89743 bytes)
and so was Don !
DSC_7668.JPG (108395 bytes)
What's going on, Tony ?
DSC_7669.JPG (99368 bytes)
Green Valley John !
DSC_7670.JPG (94282 bytes)
Here's another John
DSC_7672.JPG (121477 bytes)
Hey! You surprised me!
DSC_7673.JPG (82400 bytes)
DSC_7674.JPG (148532 bytes)
Down the Table
DSC_7675.JPG (107380 bytes)
That's better.

What we need here is one more!

DSC_7676.JPG (101332 bytes)
I'm reading the menu!
DSC_7677.JPG (128748 bytes)
DSC_7678.JPG (174254 bytes)
Up the Table
DSC_7679.JPG (87670 bytes)
Yep, I'm back!
DSC_7680.JPG (69134 bytes)
DSC_7681.JPG (115774 bytes)
It's chilly on that bicycle!
DSC_7685.JPG (113549 bytes)
My eyes ARE open!
DSC_7686.JPG (110047 bytes)
DSC_7688.JPG (84563 bytes)
In your face....?
DSC_7691.JPG (83529 bytes)
Is that right, Stan?
DSC_7692.JPG (116887 bytes)
DSC_7694.JPG (117944 bytes)
Another one for the Gallery

You can't get this kind of schnitzel in Neustadt, can you Andre' ?

DSC_7695.JPG (112214 bytes)
What's in the bag?
DSC_7696.JPG (113841 bytes)
A camera!
DSC_7697.JPG (78261 bytes)
Ask me how I fell down.
DSC_7698.JPG (145025 bytes)
Jeff has the "edge" this morning.
DSC_7699.JPG (119268 bytes)
High level talks here.
DSC_7700.JPG (119647 bytes)
Where's the driver?


Saturday, 9 January  2010

Don't let anyone tell you that the iPhone has a useable camera function.  I walked out the door this morning without my trusty Nikon and had to resort to the so called "camera" in the phone and it's  a terrible example of a camera.  Oh well, I didn't want to miss out on getting everyone captured at breakfast.   Since a couple of the pictures turned out, it could be operator error, but I don't think so.

Hey, did one of you guys scare off DSC_75060011.JPG (149885 bytes) ?  Where are you Richard?  And the DSC_7190.JPG (85144 bytes) young Manny didn't make it either !!


IMG_0047.JPG (115103 bytes)
Bruce was in the drivers seat.
IMG_0048.JPG (105475 bytes)
Then came Tom !
IMG_0050.JPG (115250 bytes)
Close up of YTF..
IMG_0051.JPG (91130 bytes)
Dapper Don
IMG_0052.JPG (89462 bytes)
Don #2
IMG_0053.JPG (77590 bytes)
IMG_0054.JPG (89945 bytes)
IMG_0055.JPG (103613 bytes)
What's with the knife?
IMG_0056.JPG (90217 bytes)
Stan the man
IMG_0057.JPG (102551 bytes)
Not too bad of Mike
IMG_0058.JPG (80343 bytes)
Ray, thanks for breakfast!
IMG_0059.JPG (81684 bytes)
IMG_0060.JPG (88982 bytes)
Kind of fuzzy here.
IMG_0062.JPG (108761 bytes)
Almost broke the iPhone?
IMG_0064.JPG (151604 bytes)
IMG_0065.JPG (116708 bytes)
He moved.
IMG_0066.JPG (120550 bytes)
Seems happy this morning.
IMG_0068.JPG (77748 bytes)
Cheree says"Where's the
IMG_0069.JPG (81910 bytes)
IMG_0070.JPG (125254 bytes)
IMG_0071.JPG (130658 bytes)
Oh, oh!  Here's another K9 !!
IMG_0072.JPG (124952 bytes)
Wait!!!  Doesn't that call belong
to another dog?
IMG_0073.JPG (125085 bytes)
Yep, he's a bootlegger.
IMG_0074.JPG (111741 bytes)
Hello Scotty.
IMG_0075.JPG (152593 bytes)
Two K9DOG's
IMG_0076.JPG (113031 bytes)
IMG_0077.JPG (94332 bytes)
Tom & Mike


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year everybody.  I liked Don's e-mail card so here it is.  Hope everybody had a great time and stayed out of trouble.  We had a big crowd this morning with twenty-seven  faces. Sorry DSC_7159.JPG (94925 bytes) , but we there was not a free breakfast and besides that, it doesn't matter whether you sat down or not.  You were here early, so no free breakfast...that's for number 30!

We had a new face and also Hank - N2TYE showed up from Sparks this morning.   Hope that
DSC_7564.JPG (134808 bytes) didn't have any problems getting here.  We missed , where were you?




DSC_7611.JPG (92373 bytes)
Happy New Year!
DSC_7612.JPG (108263 bytes)
What?  No hat?
DSC_7613.JPG (103751 bytes)
Ray with.....
DSC_7616.JPG (90680 bytes)
Vourneen...who else?
DSC_7614.JPG (95802 bytes)

Oops, my eyes are closed says KC7ZON
DSC_7615.JPG (83579 bytes)
DSC_7617.JPG (96044 bytes)
Superman is cold.
DSC_7619.JPG (88215 bytes)
This is how you can tell
who he is.
DSC_7620.JPG (90951 bytes)
Deacon with Santa beard.
DSC_7621.JPG (92670 bytes)
Dapper Don
DSC_7622.JPG (121474 bytes)
Tony looking mean!
DSC_7623.JPG (101483 bytes)
I'm waiting.
DSC_7624.JPG (91505 bytes)
You have no right to
be that happy!
DSC_7625.JPG (115447 bytes)
Stan the Man
DSC_7626.JPG (110750 bytes)
I'm here too.
DSC_7627.JPG (104528 bytes)
Bob with long underwear!
DSC_7631.JPG (90631 bytes)
Here is my hat?

Happy Vail Couple
DSC_7632.JPG (77589 bytes)
KF7CNM - Jamie
DSC_7633.JPG (87848 bytes)
Is this the party to
whom I am speaking?
DSC_7634.JPG (100417 bytes)
DSC_7635.JPG (92920 bytes)
Glad you made it, Chuck.
DSC_7636.JPG (92150 bytes)
I dunno'.  What is that, Scotty?
DSC_7638.JPG (75918 bytes)
DSC_7639.JPG (112182 bytes)
Whoops...eyes closed.
DSC_7640.JPG (115428 bytes)
OK, that's better.

That's right.  At first I accused Dog of boot-legging.  Then I
remembered that Grisley's call was K9IOU !!
DSC_7643.JPG (112524 bytes)
Glad to meet you.
DSC_7644.JPG (177064 bytes)
Tell me about it!
DSC_7648.JPG (158348 bytes)
It's cool out here.
DSC_7641.JPG (117663 bytes)
You take mine...I'll take yours
DSC_7645.JPG (84534 bytes)
She's with me...
DSC_7642.JPG (144768 bytes)
Part of the group
DSC_7646.JPG (125494 bytes)
It's cool out here.
DSC_7649.JPG (141227 bytes)
Big antenna.
DSC_7650.JPG (155190 bytes)
Everybody is looking.
DSC_7651.JPG (129261 bytes)
Ho-ho-ho..says Bruce.
DSC_7652.JPG (120304 bytes)
Paul's control console.
DSC_7653.JPG (142825 bytes)
Shadows are still
pretty long.
DSC_7654.JPG (125855 bytes)
Please...I'm calling the SPCA !
DSC_7655.JPG (133316 bytes)
What?  He won't bite.