7 May 2005

W0LTL's tower was taken down by W0LTL (Mike), KD7TXO (Craig), AB7IC (TOM)
and WD7F (John).  No bones were broken, no alcohol was present and no animals
were harmed in the process of removing Mike's tower from his "Tall" house which
he sold recently.  That's him in the high speed bicycle helmet.  Cool huh?

posted by wd7f

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w0ltl2.jpg (38772 bytes)
Taken when Mike
was MUCH
younger !!
DSC_0047.jpg (59584 bytes)
Busy busy busy

DSC_0048.jpg (54762 bytes)
From afar

DSC_0049.jpg (80134 bytes)
Must be the Boss
'Cause he didn't
do much.

DSC_0046.jpg (67563 bytes)
The Crude Oil
Ambasador is
back in Tucson.
DSC_0051.jpg (57569 bytes)
Don't drop
DSC_0052.jpg (58474 bytes)
These all look
the same
DSC_0053.jpg (48711 bytes)
I am being
careful !

DSC_0054.jpg (46940 bytes)
I can't get it

DSC_0055.jpg (97241 bytes)
Used to be
Mikes back yard.
DSC_0056.jpg (45815 bytes)
A green thing
DSC_0057.jpg (84699 bytes)
Tom, hard at it !
DSC_0058.jpg (58386 bytes)
No, I'm not coming
down yet.
DSC_0059.jpg (62511 bytes)
I'm just waiting
on him.

DSC_0060.jpg (48228 bytes)
Looking through
the window?

DSC_0061.jpg (50860 bytes)
Wait, this is a

DSC_0062.jpg (69597 bytes)
Wiggle it!
DSC_0063.jpg (96506 bytes)
Down !
DSC_0064.jpg (74594 bytes)
Where you
want this?
DSC_0065.jpg (62440 bytes)
Did he have to
bury it ?

DSC_0066.jpg (92976 bytes)
Whew, the hard
part is over.

DSC_0067.jpg (86571 bytes)
Nap time is over !

DSC_0050.jpg (79899 bytes)
Look up.