On 8 January 2011, a memorial gathering for WB9TPD was held at the Clubhouse at Paradise Villiage Mobile Home Park where he lived.  Lee loved to have fun and so the meeting was light hearted and Lee would have wanted it that way.   Here are some photos from that event.  

You might spot the egg timer in a couple of the pictures.  Lee presented a 3 minute egg timer to a couple of hams at breakfast at Jerry Bobs for being an ALLIGATOR station, in other words, talking so long in an over that it timed out the repeater.  Basil - KB7KKU and Jeff - AJ7EF were the receipients of this award.  Lee was always ready for a good laugh at his, or others expense.  We will sorely miss him.  Good DXing Lee!  We'll catch you on the other side.

Click the small ones to see the big ones

Click on the small ones to see the big ones!