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John P Slusser, SMSgt, USAF Ret


In January 1966, the 391st Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 366th TacticalFighter Wing, Holloman AFB, New Mexico set off with a squadron of F-4CPhantoms along with the support personnel required and, of course, included me, a twenty-five year old know-it-all by the name of Airman First Class John P Slusser, AF16618253.  The original plan of the deployment was to deploy to  Phan Rang, RVN.  The 390th and 480th had already deployed in November 1965 and  eventually ended up at Da Nang in October 66.  The 389th was TDY to Alaska at the time and deployed later.  

Somewhere along the way, plans were changed. The 391st TFS arrived at Cam Rahn Bay, Republic of Viet Nam for an over night stay in-route to Phan Rang. Well, the RON turned into the rest of the war.  The 391st TFS was soon adopted by the 12 Tactical Fighter Wing out of McDill AFB, Florida.  Support personnel were divided up and I was one of the "left behind" individuals while the rest of the 366th went to Phan Rang and later on to Da Nang. 

We got off of the C-130 that day, arriving from Clark AFB, after a puddle jump across the Pacific.  I remember walking in to Central Processing & Billeting Office and they looked at our orders and said "You ain't suppose to be here."  Well hell, the destination and pertinent information was starred out on the orders.  I don't remember who actually said to the effect that after fourty-some hours in a C-130, we were draggin-ass tired and let them know in no uncertain terms that we ARE here. Now,  where do we go to eat and sleep?  You can sort it all out later.

We, the stubborn members of the 391st, managed to stay affiliated with the 391st for about eight months before the 12th were able to corral our motley crew.  The above sign was probably made by our hooch resident carpenter, Bud Meyers.  It's been too long ago for me to remember.   I think that we felt like bastard step-children since our main unit had left us in the lurch.  When all was said and done it turns out that Cam Rahn was the proverbial briar patch that we got "throwed" into after considering some of the war stories we heard.  Those guys were almost prisoners on their own base.  At least we could take a weekend trip to Na Trang once in a while.

Some of the guys in the 12th were from the 45th TFS out of Ubon and were integrated into the 12th as well.  There is a picture of  a group of WCS troops from that bunch provided by Ed Phillips.

I have tried to make contact with some of these guys over the years, among others, however, I can say that I have contacted only a few of these guys. Steve Arch, OK Spencer, Fred Frickman and Dale Lindeau.  Sadly, I have to tell you that among those four, two, Steve Arch and Dale Lindeau have died Both were in their 50's.  I knew Steve Arch since tech school at Lowry AFB, Colorado in 1959 and was in contact with him off & on until his passing.  Steve retired at George AFB, California in the mid seventies.  Dale Lindeau was a party animal and played anything with strings favoring the mandolin.   Would you believe that of the hundreds of slides that I took,  I don't have his picture?

NEWS FLASH: I finally made contact with CMSgt Jim Kenney who has sent me a CD of pictures from Cam Rahn and there was a picture of Dale Lindeau ! You can see the guitar in the background. 

A year or two ago, I had a conversation with Lamar Cruse who retired in Louisiana.  He's one of the original Naha bunch who came over with the 391st out of Holloman.  He told me that another WCS troop, Bobby Griffin,  had passed away.  Don't have pictures of either of them.

If you know the whereabouts of any of the guys you see in the pictures below, please let me know.  

Since posting this page, I've talked to Cary Stanley and Ted Quella, both living in Aurora, Colorado, and hadn't talked to each other until after I called Stanley !!  That was a kick in the butt !!

Also, I'm in contact with one of the 391st WCS troops and fellow Ham Radio Operator that went on to Da Nang:   John Reika, WA6OWU

UPDATE: (June 2012)  Time takes its toll.  Since the original posting, I know that Lewis Alexander,  Lamar Cruse, Bob Suiter, Ted Quella and Cary Stanley have all passed.

Click on the Small Ones to see the Big Ones!



When I scanned these slides, I found if difficult to keep them in chronological order because the slides had been sent off to be developed several rolls at a time and they had the same date on them.  So, the pictures are basically shown as I scanned them. As apparent, forty years has taken their toll on the slides...and me.


 Flying Proud

 RVN Flag

 Hq 12 TFW

 Still blue

Hurry up & Wait
66_01-1-33.jpg (54927 bytes)
Yours truly
66_01-1-08.jpg (141535 bytes)
What a lovely site.
66_01-1-10.jpg (188257 bytes)
The beginning of a hooch.
66_01-1-24.jpg (111245 bytes)
All in a row.
66_01-1-05.jpg (160175 bytes)
Heidler & Spencer on the right ?
66_01-1-07.jpg (162918 bytes)
Shelby Jeanice on the left ?
66_01-1-31.jpg (124641 bytes)
Guess what these are. Careful, Ted
66_01-1-32.jpg (83782 bytes)
Steve Arch
66_01-2-01.jpg (126256 bytes)
Ted Quella & ??
66_01-2-04.jpg (51906 bytes)
Bud Meyers
66_01-2-06.jpg (151764 bytes)
Don't remember
66_01-1-02.jpg (50191 bytes)
 Meyers, Kilgore & MSgt Brady ?

 Fred says"Red Cap ain't that bad !!"

Mortars? Is that Bermudez ?

Fred Frickman reads.
66_01-2-23.jpg (125677 bytes)
8 Ball
66_01-2-22.jpg (152568 bytes)
Nah, he wasn't mad.
66_01-2-20.jpg (133723 bytes)
Suiter?  That's
66_01-2-21.jpg (167340 bytes)
another story !
66_01-2-11.jpg (170820 bytes)
House girls?
66_07-3-12.jpg (179272 bytes)
Ted Quella & Steve Arch
66_07-3-14.jpg (185300 bytes)
Orange juice. Yeah, right !
66_06-9-36.jpg (175509 bytes)
Gau - our very pregnant house girl.

Sweeney on the left. Don't know
who's leg Ferguson is riding !
66_01-2-29.jpg (105501 bytes)
The carpenter is also
a barber, huh, Teddy ?
66_06-8-17.jpg (144983 bytes)
How much? 
Two bits?
66_06-9-38.jpg (131408 bytes)
What's up
66_01-2-09.jpg (133901 bytes)
Do you like sand ?
I received an e-mail from Jack Johnstone about the "What's up there?" picture.

That was the RMK-BRJ civilian camp of the construction group that built the runway, roads, ammo dumps and deep water port, among other things.   I was one of the civilian workers in 1966.
Thanks for the info, Jack !


In pretty short order, we had converted those 8-man tents into hooches of plywood and canvass and later replaced the tent top with corrugated asphalt roofing sheets and the trappings of stability began to show up.  It's a good thing we were young then or we wouldn't have survived.  As you'll see, underwear was the normal uniform of the day.

And on top of getting our abode livable, it was necessary to work on occasion.  Someone took my picture when we were on a work order. 

Slusser's bendin' a wrench.

Of course I know what I'm doing!
Waitin' for the system to time in!

Going down to the shower on the end.

Wonderful bunker.
66_05-1-03.jpg (142501 bytes)
Skinny  guyin his Tighty Whities ?
66_05-1-05.jpg (107985 bytes)
After the storm over the tent.
 How romantic !
66_05-1-07.jpg (133205 bytes)
After all.... wars
66_05-1-08.jpg (148885 bytes)
do create garbage.
66_06-5-17.jpg (110657 bytes)
Base Detail was not fun !
66_05-2-03.jpg (109186 bytes)
Bill Ferguson
66_05-1-10.jpg (136607 bytes)
Baht Bug attractor.
66_05-1-09.jpg (135939 bytes)
Radar package.
66_05-1-22.jpg (141448 bytes)
 Radar Van of some kind.
66_05-1-14.jpg (153844 bytes)
Don't forget your mess kit
66_05-1-16.jpg (113823 bytes)
66_05-2-09.jpg (145637 bytes)
66_05-1-17.jpg (133576 bytes)
Dunno, but maybe Air America planes
66_05-1-19.jpg (151738 bytes)
Old workhorse

Ticket to R&R

66_05-1-20.jpg (136147 bytes).
Closer view.
66_05-1-13.jpg (189058 bytes)
Funny hat
66_05-2-05.jpg (161243 bytes)
 Bermudez & Arch
66_05-2-10.jpg (111309 bytes)
66_05-2-11.jpg (152990 bytes)
The AGE was still yellow.
66_05-2-12.jpg (104523 bytes)
 Peeling off.
66_05-2-13.jpg (96973 bytes)
 Smoke from something.
66_05-2-15.jpg (85924 bytes)
Air Rescue, I think.
66_05-2-14.jpg (103891 bytes)
 64 models everywhere.
66_05-2-16.jpg (89013 bytes)
 Fire Trucks way over there.
66_05-2-19.jpg (98412 bytes)
 Guard Shack
66_05-2-20.jpg (99610 bytes)
 Our business machine.
66_05-2-17.jpg (150849 bytes)
Diggin' a hole at the chow hall ?
66_05-2-18.jpg (111826 bytes)
 I'm not sure where.
66_05-2-21.jpg (157175 bytes)
66_06-1-01.jpg (25805 bytes)
 Needed a telephoto.
66_06-1-02.jpg (160427 bytes)
 The last place I'm 
heading in an attack !!
66_06-1-03.jpg (143420 bytes)
 Probably officers quarters.
66_05-2-22.jpg (152683 bytes)
 The flightline
66_06-1-04.jpg (110967 bytes)
 Old "97" !


Pictures provided by OK Spencer - SMSgt Ret

Link to Ken's Photo Page
oks0004.jpg (37515 bytes)
Washed out
oks0002.jpg (68250 bytes)
More of the mortars huh, Ken ?
oks0001.jpg (51592 bytes)
I recognize Stanley & Meyers
oks0003.jpg (45382 bytes)
I must have been sleeping !
oks0005.jpg (58057 bytes)
Baker Beach Bunch
oks0007.jpg (83482 bytes)
Hey !  There's my man Fred !
oks0008.jpg (22322 bytes)
SSgt Lewis Alexander !
Check this link
oks0010.jpg (23107 bytes)
Stanley, are you awake !
oks0006.jpg (43012 bytes)
Yeah, I am here !
oks0009.jpg (24767 bytes)
I know ! I was on mids when this
was taken.


Pictures provided by Norm Dubuc

12th A&E Tent 9
3rd from left: Charlie Roy Far right: Bruce Falkenburg
Others ?
Norm Dubuc at Work !
nd0016.jpg (61000 bytes)
Here's comes LBJ & Westy

nd0017.jpg (45093 bytes)
Quite a moment since he was the first
president in a combat zone !

nd0018.jpg (46172 bytes)
And there they go !
nd0015.jpg (73696 bytes)
Work Hog !
nd0002.jpg (102275 bytes)
John Forsman doing the forms?
nd0003.jpg (90555 bytes)
Norm, who the heck is this?
nd0004.jpg (87550 bytes)
Can it be you ?
nd0005.jpg (64685 bytes)
How inviting.
nd0010.jpg (67876 bytes)
Young fella' here !
nd0007.jpg (73732 bytes)
Let's eat !
nd0008.jpg (79984 bytes)
15 two, 15 four & a pair for 6
nd0009.jpg (80303 bytes)
What am I doin' ?
Just hangin' around !
nd0006.jpg (82460 bytes)
Oh my god ! The smell !
nd0011.jpg (85694 bytes)
Just gettin' started !
nd0012.jpg (93025 bytes)
Tent City
nd0013.jpg (87934 bytes)
Washee clothes ?
nd0014.jpg (74682 bytes)
Pass the betel nut !
nd0019.jpg (55566 bytes)
I'm going HOME !!!


45th TFS WCS Group
provided by Ed Phillips

I received an e-mail (19 Nov 07) from Bill Robbins.  He says he has this picture
and he provided the following as he remembers:

Bill Robbins is in the front row, second from the right. Len Szafranic, front row, third from the right.
SSgt Robert Fries, back row, second from right. Dale DeBrito, back row, third from right,  Ace Guidry, back row, fourth from right, Gary Hesprich, bottoms right.

Note those "Go to Hell Hats" !

My very first helicopter ride !!!  It was great !
66_06-1-05.jpg (145126 bytes) 66_06-1-07.jpg (142731 bytes) 66_06-1-09.jpg (131734 bytes) 66_06-1-10.jpg (142467 bytes)
66_06-1-11.jpg (152023 bytes) 66_06-3-21.jpg (134253 bytes) 66_06-1-13.jpg (126814 bytes) 66_06-1-12.jpg (126900 bytes)
66_06-1-14.jpg (97410 bytes) 66_06-1-15.jpg (109089 bytes) 66_06-1-17.jpg (96135 bytes) 66_06-1-18.jpg (82380 bytes)
66_06-1-19.jpg (95274 bytes) 66_06-1-21.jpg (109025 bytes) 66_06-1-16.jpg (140977 bytes) 66_06-1-22.jpg (96215 bytes)
66_06-6-01.jpg (121039 bytes) 66_06-6-06.jpg (126409 bytes) 66_06-1-20.jpg (73158 bytes) 66_06-6-03.jpg (203240 bytes)

 Fred Frickman
A gentleman of leisure.
66_06-1-06.jpg (151521 bytes)
 More business.
66_06-2-10.jpg (120932 bytes)
 On the avenue..
66_06-2-11.jpg (144255 bytes)
 Hello Steve.
66_06-2-12.jpg (175644 bytes)
 Suiter's happy now
66_06-2-13.jpg (99147 bytes)
 April Showers bring May Flowers
66_06-2-14.jpg (113962 bytes)
 The rats look for high ground.
66_06-2-16.jpg (151936 bytes)
 Cliff Richards (Thanks Cary Stanley)
66_06-3-06.jpg (179319 bytes)
 Hold this rope for me, will ya' ?
Following are a few pictures taken from
the rare high ground up by Air Rescue.
66_06-3-10.jpg (144757 bytes) 66_06-3-11.jpg (139301 bytes) 66_06-3-12.jpg (124294 bytes) 66_06-3-17.jpg (175311 bytes)
66_06-3-14.jpg (188022 bytes) 66_06-3-18.jpg (182831 bytes) 66_06-3-15.jpg (174853 bytes) 66_06-3-16.jpg (144218 bytes)
66_06-3-13.jpg (145675 bytes)


"Baker Beach"
  I use to think "What a resort area this would make some day !"
Ken Spencer & Ted Quella waitin' on the burgers ! This place is sure better than hangin' around the hooches !
66_01-1-27.jpg (122173 bytes)
Didn't take long to find Baker Beach !
66_06-4-02.jpg (96503 bytes)
 A beautiful place
66_06-5-07.jpg (93290 bytes)
More beach
66_06-5-10.jpg (99470 bytes)
 Life is tough on Baker Beach
66_06-5-06.jpg (93646 bytes)
 Miles & miles of beautiful beach !!
66_06-4-05.jpg (100054 bytes)
 Hero pose.
66_06-6-19.jpg (164261 bytes)
Whoops !  How'd
66_06-6-20.jpg (181900 bytes)
this get here ?
66_06-5-32.jpg (101105 bytes)
66_01-2-26.jpg (125353 bytes)
Is that Bud Meyers and OK Spencer?
No, maybe Kilgore ?
66_01-2-24.jpg (149390 bytes)
Log chain ?
66_06-6-07.jpg (99675 bytes)
Let's go to 
66_06-6-08.jpg (109517 bytes)
the beach...
66_06-6-09.jpg (175116 bytes)
and have a 
66_06-6-10.jpg (190831 bytes)
Tug-O-War !
66_06-6-12.jpg (99637 bytes)
Where else
66_06-6-15.jpg (155814 bytes)
would you go
66_06-6-16.jpg (135234 bytes)
to see all
66_06-6-17.jpg (122179 bytes)
your friends such
66_06-6-18.jpg (102997 bytes)
as Sweeney !
66_01-1-28.jpg (140483 bytes)
Kilgore & Slusser
66_06-4-03.jpg (82441 bytes)
Nothing hurts & I'm
gonna' live forever !
66_06-6-22.jpg (145753 bytes)
Yeah, I saw that bikini !!
66_06-4-01.jpg (79505 bytes)
 More Baker Beach
66_01-1-29.jpg (161352 bytes)
Steaks, beer, bread & more beer.
66_06-6-11.jpg (221476 bytes)
They are taking recon of the bikini !!!
66_01-1-30.jpg (124718 bytes)
Nothin' but the best for
the boys  in blue !
66_01-2-25.jpg (136310 bytes)
Gaggle of troops


66_06-4-06.jpg (100879 bytes)
A C-130 - No camouflage|
66_06-4-07.jpg (152245 bytes)
 Be careful here !
66_06-3-20.jpg (128345 bytes)
 Stop, I wanna' get on, no matter
where you're headed !
66_06-3-19.jpg (194358 bytes)
  VC workers ?
66_06-5-05.jpg (190740 bytes)
 Joe Heidler?
66_06-5-19.jpg (93912 bytes)
 Air cops lived in the next row
66_06-5-16.jpg (160597 bytes)
 Their duty was worse than ours.
66_06-5-20.jpg (97216 bytes)
 Looking toward the chow hall
from the hooch.

66_06-5-30.jpg (90287 bytes)
 Another greasy hog.
66_06-5-18.jpg (100515 bytes)
 Don't remember what was going
on here.


66_08-1-01.jpg (154566 bytes)

I made several trips to Nha Trang, once or twice on a pass and many other times as an Auxiliary Motor Pool Driver in convoys going to Nha Trang to pick up loads of corrugated roofing for all the hooches that we were building.  No doubt in my mind that cities such as Na Trang were beautiful places before the communist insurgence.

Shotgun position in the six-by that I drove was premium and coveted by many, and, I could pick the rider.  You can bet that I used it to my advantage for trade purposes.

We would roll past  the ROC Marine group, then "Check Point Charlie" and run full bore through the rubber plantation at a whopping 50 MPH. I know darned good & well that we passed VC and they waved.  Our 50 caliber equipped escorts just kept going as fast as those lumbering six-bys could go.  We go shot at a couple times and once someone had a hole in the door of his truck.  Wish I'd have taken a picture of that.

On one trip, my six-by was stolen.  The local logistics NCO said that if we didn't find it soon, it would be painted yellow and be in Cambodia by the next day.  Man !  I was very concerned.  It was finally recovered at the local Air Base Motor Pool.  It had been towed a couple minutes after I parked it and it took about 6 hours to find it, thanks to an observant Army MP that had seen it being towed on Beach Road going to Vun Tau. I was both relieved and pissed about that.  I should write a book.

There are photos of a little girl who resided in the villa that I and others stayed in.  I would guess her daddy was an American.  Shirley and I were eating in a Mexican restaurant and I saw a little girl that was the spittin' image of this one.  The wife says that the girl in the picture might be her mother and I reminded her that it couldn't be.  A quick calculation and I told her it could be her grandmother!  Wow, where has the time gone?  

The first picture is of SSgt Don Baker, my mentor;  very talented,  and the biggest con-artist and scrounger I've ever known.   He would not take crap from anybody.  He taught me a lot of things that I put to good use in my Air Force career.  If you needed it done, no questions, ask Don. Are you still around, Don?

The guy with the hat & cigar is my favorite shot-gun, SMSgt JimKenney.  He took pretty good care of me.   Jim lives in Missouri now.


Don, ready to go ! Looks like it's gonna' rain !  The hogs
are carryin' sticks in their mouth !
66_07-1-19.jpg (143506 bytes) 66_07-1-20.jpg (146449 bytes)
They said they ain't VC !
66_07-1-21.jpg (154723 bytes) 66_07-1-22.jpg (142184 bytes)
66_01-1-26.jpg (117161 bytes) 66_07-2-01.jpg (147029 bytes) 66_07-2-02.jpg (113027 bytes) 66_07-2-03.jpg (131538 bytes)
66_07-2-04.jpg (177845 bytes) 66_07-2-05.jpg (145095 bytes) 66_07-2-09.jpg (153518 bytes)
I'll take two !
66_07-2-10.jpg (156501 bytes)
66_07-2-17.jpg (178358 bytes) 66_07-2-11.jpg (189727 bytes) 66_07-2-13.jpg (199928 bytes) 66_07-2-14.jpg (199590 bytes)
66_07-2-21.jpg (184279 bytes) 66_07-2-18.jpg (201260 bytes) 66_07-2-19.jpg (213978 bytes) 66_07-2-20.jpg (183800 bytes)
66_07-2-22.jpg (162395 bytes) 66_07-2-23.jpg (183691 bytes) 66_07-2-25.jpg (190712 bytes) 66_07-2-26.jpg (214828 bytes)
66_07-2-27.jpg (216058 bytes) 66_07-2-29.jpg (136514 bytes) 66_07-2-31.jpg (97026 bytes)
66_07-3-17.jpg (125511 bytes) 66_07-2-33.jpg (111934 bytes) 66_07-3-15.jpg (123409 bytes) 66_07-3-20.jpg (127601 bytes)
66_07-3-16.jpg (116032 bytes)
Check out the side arm !
66_07-3-21.jpg (48746 bytes) 66_07-3-19.jpg (145809 bytes) 66_07-3-25.jpg (168642 bytes)
Hell, I don't know why we stopped !
66_07-3-18.jpg (110423 bytes) 66_07-3-22.jpg (143025 bytes)
66_07-3-23.jpg (138686 bytes) 66_07-3-24.jpg (144807 bytes) 66_07-3-30.jpg (157213 bytes) 66_07-3-29.jpg (178641 bytes)
66_07-3-28.jpg (176949 bytes) 66_07-3-27.jpg (128036 bytes) 66_07-3-26.jpg (173152 bytes) 66_07-3-31.jpg (114158 bytes)
66_07-3-32.jpg (105395 bytes) 66_07-3-33.jpg (136693 bytes) 66_07-3-35.jpg (184447 bytes) 66_07-3-34.jpg (136056 bytes)
66_08-1-04.jpg (144958 bytes) 66_07-3-36.jpg (185696 bytes) 66_07-3-37.jpg (150348 bytes) 66_08-1-09.jpg (153004 bytes)
66_08-1-19.jpg (135815 bytes) 66_08-1-05.jpg (147899 bytes) 66_08-1-07.jpg (208830 bytes) 66_08-1-08.jpg (201219 bytes)
66_06-8-05.jpg (182340 bytes) 66_08-1-10.jpg (190491 bytes) 66_08-1-13.jpg (160200 bytes) 66_08-1-17.jpg (151307 bytes)
66_06-8-01.jpg (174623 bytes) 66_08-1-12.jpg (150461 bytes) 66_08-1-18.jpg (172935 bytes) 66_08-1-21.jpg (88627 bytes)
66_08-1-20.jpg (142142 bytes) 66_06-8-03.jpg (164142 bytes) 66_06-8-04.jpg (182912 bytes) 66_06-8-08.jpg (209768 bytes)
66_06-8-02.jpg (182713 bytes) 66_06-8-06.jpg (173483 bytes) 66_06-8-07.jpg (165250 bytes) 66_06-8-12.jpg (135365 bytes)
66_06-8-09.jpg (226041 bytes) 66_06-8-10.jpg (203112 bytes) 66_06-8-11.jpg (84994 bytes) 66_06-8-16.jpg (126260 bytes)
66_06-8-13.jpg (141531 bytes) 66_06-8-14.jpg (138850 bytes) 66_06-8-15.jpg (102862 bytes) 66_06-8-21.jpg (192029 bytes)
66_06-8-18.jpg (146798 bytes) 66_06-8-19.jpg (177594 bytes) 66_06-8-20.jpg (159254 bytes) 66_06-8-25.jpg (206768 bytes)
66_06-8-22.jpg (182138 bytes) 66_06-8-23.jpg (210941 bytes) 66_06-8-24.jpg (235856 bytes) 66_06-8-30.jpg (180971 bytes)
66_06-8-26.jpg (167231 bytes) 66_06-8-27.jpg (158711 bytes) 66_06-8-28.jpg (166243 bytes) 66_06-8-31.jpg (185276 bytes)
66_06-8-32.jpg (220500 bytes)



Steve !  You're gonna' eat that ?
66_06-9-09.jpg (127489 bytes)
This one hit the rice paddy
on a strafing run.
66_06-9-10.jpg (129348 bytes)
Smelled like a lawn mower !
66_06-9-11.jpg (89811 bytes)

66_06-9-12.jpg (58707 bytes)

66_06-9-13.jpg (94701 bytes)
66_06-9-15.jpg (90290 bytes) 66_06-9-19.jpg (148435 bytes) 66_06-9-21.jpg (120700 bytes)
66_06-9-33.jpg (149494 bytes) 66_06-9-14.jpg (121641 bytes) 66_06-9-35.jpg (88376 bytes) 66_07-1-01.jpg (114976 bytes)
66_07-1-02.jpg (111603 bytes) 66_07-1-03.jpg (171687 bytes)
Ugh ! Greasy 6-Carts !
66_06-9-34.jpg (159904 bytes) 66_07-1-06.jpg (154452 bytes)
66_07-1-08.jpg (175040 bytes)
Dave Eydmann onphone.
Curt Boyd
standing.  Sitting?
66_07-1-09.jpg (91183 bytes) 66_07-1-10.jpg (151303 bytes) 66_07-1-05.jpg (104514 bytes)
66_07-1-15.jpg (152339 bytes) 66_07-1-14.jpg (136832 bytes) 66_07-2-34.jpg (132949 bytes) 66_07-2-35.jpg (118125 bytes)
66_07-2-36.jpg (147128 bytes) 66_07-2-37.jpg (133100 bytes) 66_07-3-01.jpg (123358 bytes)


66_07-3-02.jpg (127774 bytes) 66_07-3-03.jpg (40592 bytes) 66_07-3-04.jpg (88971 bytes)
66_07-3-05.jpg (184693 bytes)
66_08-2-09.jpg (104244 bytes) 66_07-3-06.jpg (41184 bytes) 66_07-3-07.jpg (138711 bytes)
Chief LeCroy
66_07-3-11.jpg (120645 bytes)
Jim Kenney
66_07-3-10.jpg (145522 bytes) 66_09-11.jpg (163067 bytes)
Base Chapel
66_06-5-12.jpg (267657 bytes)
 A young artist painted this.
66_06-5-13.jpg (200994 bytes)
 He must have been inspired..
66_06-5-15.jpg (146788 bytes)
 ..more than I was at the time.
66_08-1-22.jpg (120029 bytes) 66_08-1-23.jpg (145535 bytes) 66_08-1-28.jpg (130624 bytes)
66_08-1-24.jpg (123037 bytes) 66_08-1-25.jpg (101249 bytes) 66_08-1-26.jpg (188583 bytes)
TSgt Eydmann
66_08-1-27.jpg (152685 bytes)
66_08-1-29.jpg (133361 bytes) 66_08-1-30.jpg (161093 bytes) 66_08-1-31.jpg (114796 bytes) 66_08-1-33.jpg (213254 bytes)
66_08-1-35.jpg (208899 bytes)
Sgt. Kenney just woke me up!
66_08-1-36.jpg (151705 bytes)
All the comforts.
66_08-1-38.jpg (150179 bytes)
66_08-1-37.jpg (124901 bytes) 66_08-2-07.jpg (197148 bytes) 66_08-2-08.jpg (81442 bytes)
Ominous looking


66_08-2-10.jpg (218480 bytes) 66_08-2-11.jpg (178232 bytes) 66_08-2-25.jpg (218461 bytes) 66_08-2-20.jpg (195345 bytes)
66_08-2-21.jpg (221077 bytes) 66_08-2-12.jpg (106831 bytes) 66_08-2-13.jpg (147705 bytes) 66_08-2-14.jpg (201448 bytes)
66_08-2-15.jpg (198588 bytes) 66_08-2-16.jpg (174239 bytes) 66_08-2-17.jpg (185135 bytes) 66_08-2-18.jpg (194588 bytes)
66_08-2-19.jpg (177157 bytes) 66_08-2-26.jpg (143375 bytes) 66_08-2-27.jpg (246060 bytes) 66_08-2-22.jpg (219929 bytes)
66_08-2-23.jpg (225172 bytes) 66_08-2-24.jpg (188757 bytes) 66_08-2-28.jpg (176233 bytes) 66_08-2-29.jpg (246425 bytes)
66_08-2-31.jpg (134251 bytes) 66_08-2-30.jpg (149348 bytes)


66_08-2-35.jpg (141301 bytes) 66_08-2-36.jpg (134271 bytes) 66_08-2-37.jpg (146725 bytes) 66_08-2-38.jpg (123933 bytes)
66_09-01.jpg (208214 bytes)
Arch & Parry  Guy on left ?
66_09-02.jpg (214157 bytes) 66_09-04.jpg (202933 bytes)
Sign on locker: Cam Ranh Bay
 is Good & WETSU & IHTFP 
66_09-06.jpg (208011 bytes)
Horse shoes
66_06-5-02.jpg (43356 bytes) 66_08-1-16.jpg (147035 bytes)
Baker sun bathing
66_09-07.jpg (181586 bytes)
Who's this guy ?
66_09-08.jpg (135256 bytes)
66_09-10.jpg (118277 bytes)
I'm tired of this.
66_09-12.jpg (110878 bytes)
I hated this sign
66_09-13.jpg (142942 bytes) 66_09-14.jpg (112916 bytes)
66_09-15.jpg (193715 bytes)


One day somebody says, "You guys need to qualify just in case they over-run the base !"  Oh yeah, that's just great !  Mike Parry recently (4/13/17) sent me pictures of that operation on the beach (the last 5).
66_09-17.jpg (179827 bytes) 66_09-18.jpg (164642 bytes) 66_09-19.jpg (101128 bytes)
Didn't shoot at it.
66_09-20.jpg (204680 bytes)
66_09-21.jpg (144002 bytes) 66_09-22.jpg (145492 bytes) 66_09-23.jpg (149313 bytes)
Polluted the ocean with lead.
66_09-24.jpg (142138 bytes)
66_09-25.jpg (146703 bytes) 66_09-28.jpg (131315 bytes)
They said I qualified.
66_09-26.jpg (117528 bytes)
Didn't shoot either.
66_09-27.jpg (138353 bytes)
66_09-29.jpg (116915 bytes)


The tour was just about over
66_09-30.jpg (186154 bytes) 66_09-31.jpg (89531 bytes) 66_09-33.jpg (195047 bytes)
Keystone Kops
66_09-34.jpg (181635 bytes)
66_09-35.jpg (70609 bytes) 66_09-36.jpg (147777 bytes) 66_09-37.jpg (142294 bytes) 66_10-16.jpg (107185 bytes)
Markin' theshort calendar
66_10-20.jpg (123468 bytes)
Writing home to the wife !
66_10-28R8.jpg (210950 bytes)
Pictures given to me
66_10-30R8.jpg (319571 bytes)
by someone.
66_10-33R8.jpg (167691 bytes)
66_11-3-23.jpg (84211 bytes)
Everyone looks tired
66_11-3-24.jpg (93149 bytes) 66_11-3-26.jpg (94399 bytes) 66_11-3-27.jpg (91898 bytes)
Even the hooch girls look tired.
66_11-3-28.jpg (176248 bytes) 66_11-3-29.jpg (72569 bytes)
66_11-3-30.jpg (70507 bytes)
Sick of this !
66_11-3-31.jpg (160169 bytes)
Me too.
66_11-3-32.jpg (168601 bytes)
Big chow hall fire
66_11-3-33.jpg (108803 bytes) 66_11-3-34.jpg (102558 bytes) 66_11-3-35.jpg (149332 bytes)
Excitement's over
66_11-3-36.jpg (144435 bytes)
Looking one way
66_11-3-37.jpg (139023 bytes)
Looking the other.
66_11-3-38.jpg (165804 bytes)
Just in case


Finally !  When the wheels came up on that big bird, there was a great cheer from everyone on the aircraft.  Still, I had a feeling that a missile might come out of no-where and spoil the trip home.

How lucky for me that the Air Force drafted me into Field Training for athree year tour followed by orders to Bentwaters !  By the time we got back from there (December 74), Viet Nam was just about done.

I didn't miss it a bit !

With the exception of a couple of bumps along the way, it's been great since those wheels went up over forty years ago. 


66_12-1-08.jpg (189567 bytes)
Ton Son Nhut
66_12-1-09.jpg (149983 bytes)
Freedom Bird
66_12-1-10.jpg (117555 bytes)
Good bye !
66_12-1-16.jpg (181607 bytes)
Everybody's cheering !!
66_12-1-24.jpg (136007 bytes)
A little pensive ! Pankau ?
66_12-1-27.jpg (166346 bytes)
Finally!  Back in the world!
66_12-2-01.jpg (156325 bytes)
I came home to this young girl.  Check out the hair !
67_01-17.jpg (172897 bytes)
Taken at a little
park near
Oro Grande near
George AFB !!!