Clyde M Sakir - N7IOK (SK)
1940 - 7 March 2012

Clyde Sakir Lifelong Tucson resident Clyde Sakir died March 7, 2012. He was 71. Clyde is survived by two of his children, Kelly Sakir of Los Angeles and Guy Sakir of Tucson and three brothers, John and Phllip of Tucson and Edward, who resides in Oregon. In 2011 he became a great-grandfather to Isabel Sakir and was endeared to granddaughter, Casey Michele (named after his youngest son, Casey Sakir who died in 2004); grandsons, Steven and Spencer Sakir and nephew, Michael Sakir. Clyde was an avid amateur radio operator and the early morning broadcasts from N7IOK will be greatly missed by his ham buddies across the city, state and beyond. And, though yet ready for DWTS, Clyde had taken up ballroom dancing in his retirement and carried his leather-soled shoes behind the seat of his king-cab pickup so he could soft-shoe at a moment's notice. He was a fan of big band and jazz music and an afficianado of BMW motorcycles. Ever a perfectionist, Clyde restored antique radios, crafted beautiful wood furniture, and many a Tucson home is graced with one of his unique wrought iron security doors. His children would like to celebrate his life and collect anecdotes to share with his grandchildren at a gathering later this year and want to invite as many friends as possible; so please, contact Kelly by email at so details can be forwarded. Should you be so inclined, Clyde's favorite charities included Operation Smile and Planned Parenthood.

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