20 May 2017

that became an

For some time, Justin had been trying to figure out just when to pop the question to Sarah.  He, having mentioned he was going to ask her someday and  Sarah had told him that she wanted people around and pictures to be taken.  So, Valentines day came and went with no opportunity to pull a surprise on her and Justin figured he could do it when they had a housewarming party.  The problem was that Sarah wanted things to be done BEFORE they had the party and that turned out to be a new patio cover among other things.  Finally, the day came and Justin did a pretty good job of pulling it off, sending Sarah upstairs to show it off to an arriving guest while he and others quickly hung the Will You Marry Me sign he had labored over.  Sarah's mom, Susan (Mimi), did a great deal of work to make it happen as well.  Anyway, it all went pretty well. 

Oh, by the way, we celebrated Kai Noah's 2nd birthday too!

What a party, right?