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Bernard J. Winner Sr. (Bernie)

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Bernie is gone and I miss him!  He was a good friend and fellow amateur radio operator.  Most everyone who knew Bernie liked him.  He loved to chat on the radio with his fellow hams, whether it was local traffic or DX somewhere down under like New Zealand.  He especially like to talk with his friend KC7UMX, Jim.  Jim is gone too (SK).  For several years when I would get in my vehicle and start down the road all I had to do was key up on 145.67 MHz and say "N7GEG this is WD7F...where are you Bernie?" and he would be there ready to chat.  Nearly every Saturday morning for years, I had breakfast with him and some other hams and I always looked forward to seeing him "Eyeball to eyeball", as they say in ham radio vernacular, and it was good.

Bernie loved to tell what us military guys call "War Stories", or in Bernie's case "Sea Stories" and it was good.  As well, he loved to tell about when he was a young kid in the Cleveland, Ohio area and all the things he did then.   He talked about his father and mother, wife, kids, family members of all kinds and those that he worked, played, served and went to school with.  His Navy days were the best though.  He told many stories of his time, whether it was before and after WW2, Korea or even during Viet Nam.  Bernie was what we called a "lifer" and it was good!

He dearly loved Amateur Radio and all the gadgets that comes with it.   He had at least 50 antennas on his house and it looked like  the radio center for the USS Pueblo spy ship.  He had radios of every vintage and an antenna to go with it.  There were nuts and bolts, screws, tools of every type, wire and cable.   He liked the heavy metal such as Radio Teletype (RTTY) gear and solar panels with lots of batteries to keep charged.  In his day he performed every task that the Navy had but his favorite was when he was working in the Comm.  Bernie had a computer, but it came just a little late in his life.  I can imagine that if there had been computers 30 years ago and he had one, he would have been a guru.  All in all, it was good!


Like I said, Bernie is gone and I miss him.



Where are you Bernie?