On Wednesday morning, 15 June 2011, Jeff was found with his wife in their midtown Tucson home and both were dead.  We are going to miss Jeff with his comic antics and over sized heart.  Jeff would do anything to help you, first to volunteer for anything and the last to leave when there was work to be done.  This tragic event will affect us all and those of us who knew Jeff well are going to miss him dearly.  You may have noticed that Jeff has not been appearing at breakfast for several months.  I'm almost positive that he had been suffering with severe depression for some time.  If only we could have known! In truth, we may never know until that fateful day. And, I'm confident that it will always be this way.  May God have mercy.

On 21 June at 7:50 PM, there was a "Last Call" for Jeff on the BART. 

"Tonight, I had the honor of doing the hardest thing I have done, called the The Last Call for a fellow ham radio operator. Lost our friend Jeff Jester last Wednesday. He is now in the peace he was searching for. I will miss him." 
N7EMB - Angie

"Judge not lest ye be judged." (The Gospel according to St. Matthew 7)


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From over 8 years and over 200 pictures I took of Jeff, here are
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